Unconditional Non-judgement


I wake, a new taste
on my tongue, love that is free
of all illusion.

Much is said about ‘unconditional love’ but few turn the card over where they’re confronted by its other inseparable half, ‘unconditional non-judgement’.  (Writer pulls his fingers through his hair.)  Right away we meet a dimensional dilemma tied to the frequencies of words and their usage.

“Judgement’ is a third dimensional creation and process, a frequency accessed by the lower, but not higher mind.  Embedded in a 3rd/4th dimensional reality, the lower mind judges as naturally and automatically as the lungs breathe.  If you’ve ever created  a judgement for yourself not to judge after finding a prejudice arise within you, arising more quickly than the blinking of an eye, welcome to humanity.

But remember, as we’ve stated, the lower originates nothing.  So where do prejudices, probably the only group more successful than cockroaches, come from?  Because if we don’t know where they come from, how do we stand a chance of getting rid of them, along with other forms of judgement in our search for unconditional love?

Perhaps prejudices and judgements are nothing more than fragmented frequencies, sharp edges and all.  Have you ever tried to look at yourself in a broken mirror?  The lower mind measures and adds up all the pieces and insists the facts are that both mirrors are substantially the same and it has the figures to prove it.  And it is sincere, because the lower mind does not recognize wholeness, therefore can not value it.  Only the higher mind, with its close proximity to spirit, limitlessness and all that is, knows.

And the higher mind does not judge.

Others are left to the mercies of the universal laws.  ‘Energy out, energy back.’  As we slow down to the speed of love, we see this unfold in both our experiences and the experiences of others in the most amazing ways.  Inescapably.

This is the incubation of the power of choice, an essential tool on the path of freedom.  First we recognize the potentiated choice as it presents itself, and then we slow into it to acquire all it reveals as it surrenders to us.

The universe, prejudice and all, is only here to serve us.


Sound Wave

The Ally of the Higher Mind

Nothing can be healed
from a dimension that is
beyond its purpose.

The great thinker Pythagoras taught his students geometry and music fundamentals to move them from a lower (profane) to a higher (sacred) mind focus.  Profane actually derives from the Greek before the temple and sacred from within the temple.  It’s the reason we have liberal arts next to science and social studies in our colleges today and roughly parallels our right and left brain.

Our higher minds are the most advanced creation of what is termed Universal Mind Power.  Still a tool but so fine in vibratory composition that it closely resembles our core being (the one that is described as ‘made in the image of God’).  It is important to our discussion because it can be opened to reach and be reached by our lower nature and  its judgements in ways that nothing else can.

It works something like this- A child is raised in a religion that teaches if you do certain things you go to hell.  Then they go off to college where they meet others who do those things and don’t appear to be suffering for it.  Having been taught both hell and suffering are one and the same and directly seeing those others not suffering, that child, not wanting to suffer being ostracized, especially if they become romantically attached, begins to detach from the belief and judgements that come with it, even if they state otherwise.  Simply following their comfort zone.  They become disinterested in the old frequency.  They withdraw their attention.

So how do we detach, not through the vagaries of circumstance, but intentionally?  And what does Higher Mind have to do with it?  The Toltecs through Don Miguel Ruiz hint at it with their guidance to ‘never take anything personally’ and ‘don’t make assumptions’.  Good advice but not quite enough.  Just look at the viral growth of social media where everything is taken personally and assumptions are bread and butter.  ‘Donts’  just tend to push  our doings under cover.

“Being for or against is a sickness of the mind.”   a sage

The movement from the lower to the higher mind is an action of the will to engage in the practice of ‘not doing’ through non-resistance.  In time this becomes ‘doing without doing’ ( wei wu wei).  Draining the swamp of the resistance to sustain endless duality forces the mind to revert to its natural, non-judgemental nature, often in the simplest of ways.  And we can use the lower mind’s own strength to do this.

The lower mind has great powers of focus but can generally focus on only one thing at a time.  By shifting our focus to our breath when we find ourselves swept into a posture of ‘for or against’  we can lift ourselves into the harmonic field of the higher mind, and the Higher Mind remains higher as long as it remains nonresistant to the even higher influences that designed it.

“I never met a man I didn’t like.” the master disguised as the cowboy Will Rodgers


The Assistance of Nonresistance

Limitless atoms.
Why must I struggle and fight
to connect the dots?

Who told you to grow up into the being you are?  Parents?  Teachers?  Friends?  Actually nobody.  You put down your own resistance points, defining what we allude to as ‘character’.  You put them down because at a very deep level you agreed with them.  You navigated through your experiences in what you believed to be the best way possible.

It has taken ‘time’ for the energy of those experiences to settle, leaving behind only the navigation points as new experiences call your attention.  In the light of day we polish these points into opinion and beliefs, the lubrication of the lower mind.  They seem to make it work better, until, due to new experience, they don’t.  The harmony built into our breath reveals their now disharmonious quality.  Like a snake, we feel the need to shed that skin.

As we learn to move at the speed of love, these resistance points more and more quickly rise to the surface of our attention.  We can no longer ignore them.  But we can lose interest in them.  We can breathe into them new frequencies by becoming non-resistant to the forces behind our creations.  It’s not so much we ‘become responsible’ but more like opening our vision to new potentials and possibilities.

Our life force drips with the energy of ‘enthusiasm’.  This is what Jesus was pointing to as ‘becoming like a little child to enter the kingdom of heaven’.  Isn’t this the predominant quality of children as they overflow with life’s life?

‘Enthusiasm’, being a shadow of joy, is a frequency of higher mind.

Becoming n0n-resistant to not just our creations, whether deemed good or bad, and, more importantly, the recognition of the frequencies behind all of our creations is first felt as a sense of ‘space, and then freedom.  In time it will distill into a space of love that you have the freedom to enter at will.  Isn’t that something to be enthused about?

Sooner or later, all resistance is futile.  Why not sooner?  Why not now?  The pain body of the world is, after all, in the hands of the hundredth monkey.


Aiming for Unconditional

When a paradox
is approached, you draw closer
to a larger truth.

Conditionality, like judgement, is a creation of illusion.   Hold onto it at your own risk.  As we on Earth move into more and more concentrated states of isness, nowness and hereness, it becomes more and more difficult to make sense of the past and its creations.  We just won’t feel it.

Can you imagine a world where no one feels the need to ‘justify’ themselves or their reason for being?  As we get rid of judgement, both of ourselves and others, we become the pioneers of that new country.  The few who live there already speak in a way that might cause trouble here.  They rarely use the words ‘me’ and ‘my’.  Not because of any rules or regulations (more words rarely used) but they just have little use for them.  They don’t feel them.

Conditionality creates secret societies and the perceived need for ‘security’, another creation of illusion.  Isn’t it remarkable how the more security is sought the less freedom is found?  The path of awareness is nothing if not a quest for freedom.

The move to unconditionality is not a natural progression.  It is a quantum leap. (See chart)  The leap could not be made except for the fact our essential being is quantum.  So it would be more accurate to describe it not as a leap but a return.  It is important to be assured that the way to the unconditional, as we consciously let go of this condition and that judgement, is already paved.  The game is indeed rigged, but only in the best way possible.  And life is indeed a game, but that does not make it any less profound.

Trust and faith are the kudzu of the unconditional.  They are irrepressible, if we don’t repress them.  But what does it take to have trust in trust and faith in faith?  By now, you are starting to learn  to listen to the wisdom of your breath.   You trust that your next breath will come.  You have faith that the oxygen it pulls in will move to your waiting blood.  It’s a given.

The universe has the same loving DNA.  It is rigged with love.

Breathe it in.

(End of Step 3)