The Medicine of Breath



Life stops devouring
you as soon as you use your
breath to drink it in.

Why does our breath serve us?  Because serve us it does, from the first breath to the last, an impeccable servant offering us our lives.  Closer than any lover, dearer than any friend.  More faithful than any supplicant kneeling in a towering place of worship.

In fact, doesn’t the presence of breath resemble a form of what many call ‘God’ in so many ways?  What other part of us so clearly and totally interweaves our conscious and subconscious cellular bodies, working through us and for us night and day and night?  Does it not love us unconditionally?  Are these not the markings of the divine?

If we can visualize our breath as an iceberg, the part of the breathing that we consciously utilize could be compared to the tip of the iceberg, a mere 10%.  The rest is below the waters of our awareness – subconscious.  What if we could unify the two, just as we are now in the process of unifying our conscious and subconscious realities due to the grids opening across the planet in the wake of the precession of the equinox?

The lower mind scoffs at the thought but then pauses as it notices a deeper part of itself quietly taking  another breath.

The same proportion of above-the-water iceberg and below-water iceberg also corresponds to our experience of free will versus divine will.  The key is to use the part we have access to (our conscious breathing) to move into and unify with the parts we don’t yet have access to (our subconscious breathing) so we can experience whole breathing and the transcendence it brings.

And the key to the key is slowing down to the speed of love.


The Harmonic of Breath

Each breath I breathe in
an angel breathes out.  Each breath
out, angels breathe in.

There is no more powerful and direct way to consciously affect your energy field than through your conscious breath.  First, it acts as a solvent for unbinding adhered or fragmented thought and emotions.  It is especially effective on the frozen state of fear.  Though it’s not necessary to know how it works to benefit from its affects, it opens gates between conscious, subconscious and super conscious frequencies, allowing the light that comes with wholeness and the movement toward completion.

Second, conscious breathing naturally moves the attention point from the head to the heart area, the space of balance and integration.
It also has a massaging effect, similar to the gentle uplift we feel when touched on our neck by a fresh breeze, an elemental recognition.
Last, when guided to flow freely through our energy field, it adds rhythm and resonance, harmonizing with other complementary energy fields, including octaves of our higher being.

Thinking the words ‘Love in’ breathe in.
Thinking the words ‘Love out’ breathe out.
Repeat and repeat.

With your breath you can’t hold the moment, but you can deepen it.  Quite naturally new frequencies (described as memories, dreams, timelines or inspiration) appear.  (Are there such things as memories in the eternal now?)

‘Naturally’ and ‘harmoniously’ are two ways to describe the same thing.  It is our nature to harmonize.  And there are no limits to the attunement as we open the doors of our intent, even to becoming something like sailors of an endless cosmic sea, if that is what we wish.



As the talkers talk,
a thousand-petal lotus
blooms in every breath.

Just by putting our attention on our breathing we observe something astounding, an immanent process we share with all other humans.  Immediately, one after another, strangleholds of polarity lessen.  Fears unfear.  Compassion enters.  Can we teach gangs to just breathe?  Tribes?  Countries?

Accidents decrease as we slow down to the speed of love, the speed of awareness through our breath.  Has anyone ever found an actual benefit in rushing?  Has anyone ever rushed because ‘they’ desired to?  Would addicts be addicts if there was no rush?

Not trying to control we become uncontrollable, in the best sense.  The snares, both conscious and unconscious of others, lose their power.  We lose our interest in them.  And, losing interest, we deny them the substance and sustenance of their reality.  Life simplifies, not because we try to make it that , simply because, unmolested, it naturally returns to that harmonic.  This is the secret of true healing.

And then we enter a world of ‘no secrets’.  Layer by sensuous layer, like a beautiful woman, the universe reveals itself.  We find we live in a world of non-scarcity.  ( And that ‘politics’ is just another name for the fiction being promoted of ‘haves and have nots’ by haves in the costly belief that they can reach a state of actually only having.)  Top Secret -without its secrets, governments would breathe the fresh air of “of the people and for the people” and the world would work for everyone.

Frequencies await at our beck and call.  They are our birthright, the genie in the bottle who asks all ,”Master, what is your wish?”  But notice the genie addresses ‘masters’, those who have had the courage to relinquish their cherished beliefs of limitation.

And as we lose our secrets, we too find ourselves being tuned by something far beyond our control.  We breathe nothing but peace.  And we begin to feel, no matter where we are roaming, blissfully home.

Love in.
Love out.



Regardless of what
we regard, life comes and comes,
one breath at a time.

The word ‘medicine’ has vague beginnings from 15th century Europe, when they were still bleeding people to make them well.  Then the shamans took it, breathed into it and transformed it into meaning ‘magical influence’.  Such is the task we face with all of our superstitions, to breathe into them as they arise, until they slow to the deepened speed of truth, ‘magically influenced’.

Delightfully, we join a brotherhood of others, both male and female, now and down through time who have done just that.  The four directions of the shamanic invocation and the four directions of the non-dualized cross are one and the same loving intention spread across thousands of years.

In fact, it is in the brain that the harmonizing influence of breath is most needed.  Like some dinosaurs, it could be said we have two brains, sometimes called the “higher mind’ and lower mind.  (A few days ago scientists revealed the feathered tail of a dinosaur in amber.  How long before they discover that dinosaurs also sang and danced. lol)  The lower mind is actually situated in the solar chakra (see chart).  It is the locale of personal power, ego and 3-dimensional time.  It is the only part of us vulnerable to insanity.  It finds itself very important.  It does not originate thought, or anything else for that matter, except for, perhaps, what we refer to as ‘problems’.

Nearly all short-circuiting of our energy field takes place in the lower mind.  It is a master of fragmentation and takes great pride in its fragments.  As we use our breath combined with intent to move at the speed of love this part of us may, at first, experience increasing levels of discomfort.  More and more it clings to actions driven by and under the spell of ‘survival’.

Breathe into your thoughts.
Feel the difference.

In time your lower mind will be able to hear the love you have for it, in every moment.  But it will not recognize it as that.  Instead it will encounter a ‘magical influence’ and begin at first to find itself, again and again, just ‘wondering’.  Such a fine frequency to find oneself in.

(End of step two – the Medicine of Breath)