The Avatar of Forgiveness


You only appear
to need what you came to this
world to add light to.


If someone is killed by another by accident it’s called manslaughter ( who came up with that term anyway?).  But if someone  is killed ‘with intent’ it’s called murder.  What is it about intent that makes it a more ‘serious crime’?  Serious is not just a call but a demand for our full attention.  Seriously, don’t miss this!

Intent signifies we’ve consciously engaged our ‘will’ to action.  Jesus tried to erase the line between the crime levels, asking for his killers to be forgiven because they ‘knew not what they are doing’, even though they clearly intended his death.  What is it about the ‘willfullness of another that makes it more difficult to forgive?

Mistaking ‘free will’ for ‘freedom’,  the lower mind regards nothing with more respect and admiration than free will.  All its laws are created to maintain and support the tattered fiction of free will in a world of spinning centers of free will endlessly bumping up against each other.  When one center of free will deludes itself into believing it has the free will right (and privilege when it comes to governments) to end another’s free will rights, the deepest bonds of the Construct are called into question as they thin to transparency against the undeniable presence of universal truth.

Taken to the nth degree, free will is a form of madness.  And we forgive the mad, don’t we, or at least we treat them differently.  Some part of us recognizes a different frequency, one that does not threaten all that we (the collective) profoundly believe.  So ‘intent’ becomes the dividing line between those we put to death  and silence once and for all and those we don’t.  Is it that the lower mind senses that its fibbed creation  is threatened if it looks too closely at the unforgiven and unforgivable  monster under the bed?

Why was invoking the frequency of forgiveness Jesus’ last act of mastership?

By calling upon the most powerful presence in his energy field, what he called ‘Father’, in the face of the cruel ones invoking his death,  the same cruel energies that haunt our higher natures even today, was he not ripping  any vestige of his personal will out by the roots in a way that none would miss?

And what is left when we tear off the deep illusion of mortality in the light of day when it’s not done at the speed of love.  Is not the world still holding its breath, having glimpsed the monster under the bed it’s still sleeping in?

Letting Go of What You Do Not Have

First sign that your heart
center is crystallizing,
your mind is confused.

Forgiveness has very little, if anything, to do with giving.  The ‘for’ in the beginning points toward its dynamic activation preceding anything we do or don’t do about the event or situation.  It supersedes the realm of cause and effect.  (The lower mind scratches its head.)

When I asked a higher being, “How do I forgive if I don’t feel like forgiving?” his answer was simply ‘the desire for more joy’.

So, it is not a process but it is a choice.  A choice in the deepest sense.  Perhaps it can best be described as a movement of our energy body, similar in the way it shifts as we move from sleeping to wakefulness.  And the experiences involved become thinner, more dream-like as the energy supporting them runs out.

And because forgiveness is the ultimate repudiation of the sometimes savage power of the lower mind, it opens a door that can never be fully closed.  A portal of unwinding.  And we can only catch a glimpse of the unfolding as we slow down  into the truth of it.  Indeed, the naked truth, undressed of the defensive covering of the 3rd dimension.

Who we are truly forgiving is our self in ‘all’ situations.  If we clean a fear, remove all the dirt and hurt, what remains behind?  Even the densest hells dissolve as the crystalline voice of our  high heart sounds.

Strolling Along the Razor’s Edge

Entrance fee to the
New Earth – three golden coins of
constant compassion.

Forgiveness is a frequency.  On it we walk the path of the razor’s edge, indicating the cuts we receive from both others and ourselves when we lose focus on this narrow way of returning love for ourselves to ourselves, and thus others, again and again and again.

Sometimes the cuts are very deep but, remarkably, forgiveness always goes deeper.  It comes from a dimension, when seen through the filter of time, that originates before and is experienced after the events that call it forth.  When heard, its silent music requires our attention above all else.  There is nothing more powerful than the solvent of forgiveness if is contacted and embraced in the middle of the intensity that calls it forth.

It is independent of the actions of others, therefore a discipline of self-mastery.

To not forgive is the equivalent of holding one’s breath, sometimes for a lifetime.  Unforgiveness wrote the law of ‘an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth’,  in its own blood.  Some think their anger or hate goes out into another.  It doesn’t, although it might awake another’s  inner swordsman of anger or hate or jealousy.  That is then only their own ‘holy war’.

Our energy fields are egg-shaped and extend beyond our bodies a short distance, the distance modulating with the flux of thoughts and emotions.  They also spin in a clockwise direction.  Unforgiveness affects the color, tone and rate of spin of these fields.  It does pick up a scent that can be detected by others.  Curioisly, this scent is often attractive to others who carry a similar frequency.

Perfect how what we need to heal shows up as our own experience.  Let us fully ‘see’ ourselves so we don’t judge ourselves and lock ourselves down.  To simply move toward a willingness to forgive is an act of purification.

“A man climbs a wall.  Then he sits across the top and looks out.  Then he climbs down.  Then he climbs another wall, looks out again and again climbs down.  And again.
At the bottom of the wall lies a lake and at the bottom of the lake Love lies.  It can not be drowned but man likes not deep water. ”         an ancient

Disappointment and suffering lead to falling off the wall into water over our heads,  of at last letting go of what we do not have.  Forgiveness is the heart’s experience of learning to swim in those deep waters.

Breathercise –
While breathing in from your abdomen hear the word ‘ALL’.
As you slowly breathe out, hear the words ‘is forgiven’.
Repeat and repeat.


Unraveling the Question in the Quest

If each step you took
was a kiss, how romantic
would this earth become?

You can’t forgive that which is not present , but you can move toward the unforgiven.  She hides very well.  She has been doing it for centuries and centuries.  She lives in the kingdom of closets.  You must approach her on tip-toes.  Gently, gently call her out from under the bed.
“Ah, there you are.  So glad to see you.  It’s been a while.  Thank you for coming out.  Thank you for showing up.  I missed you.  I see you.  I embrace you.”
This leads to the disappearance of a universe.

An avatar, like breath, is one that returns again and again and again.  It follows the pattern of a knocking on your door or a tapping on your shoulder, asking you, imploring you to take notice.

We are learning, even when we fall, to fall toward the light.

As time tightens into the moment, we find new abilities, such as lucid dreaming, appear.  Why shouldn’t they when we stop competing with and challenging our own higher nature?  We begin to feel intimately, cell by cell,  the potency of our beingness.

How delightful it is as we begin to realize that what we wanted to be true actually is.  Simultaneously, we experience gratefulness for those who had joined us in the throes of suffering, sharing experience with us, and even sometimes against us, in the tumult of the waking process.  As we know, in the marrow of our bones, all is truly well for all involved.  As we arise out of the illusion of the ashes of our own self-judgement and beliefs.

The forgiveness frequency has a violet hue and responds to calling.

Offered the choice to wear the clothes of a victim, choose to teach the lesson instead.  How innocent out minds become when we extract the grip of the world.  Often the last thing we discover on a quest is its true purpose.

Breathe in while hearing the words ‘All is forgiven’.
Breathe out hearing the word ‘now’.
Repeat and repeat.  (This is especially effective in the middle of holding one’s breath in the middle of remembered fear.  We are always only releasing ourselves.)