The Difference and Distance between the Lower and Higher Mind

Ego heals
only in the laboratory
of your higher self.

As things breakdown and we enter new and unknown territory, new forms of perception and understanding present themselves at the edges of our attention. The guidance system of our lower mind slowly gives way to the higher.

How can we tell the difference?   The lower mind, being a creation of the ego, knows limitation and therefore, believing reality is finite, attempts to know all things.  But our higher mind,  perceiving only the quantum field everywhere, seeks only its next best choice.

Questioner:  Is there a reason or purpose for our limited knowing?

Akashic Guides:   Your Records, your totality, is alive in you now, right here as you walk this earth.  Each of you has the ability to access all of your history.  It is you and you are it. But here is what happens on this plane, there are only certain highlights or points that are primary, that are key, that are fine-tuned and focused to allow you to retrieve and see certain things now, such as why you came here and what lessons you want to learn.  And so, those light up somewhere along this lifetime, this path, in order to bring healing, in order to bring greater understanding.

It would not serve you to have access to all your Records walking around in your human body.  In fact, that’s not the purpose, that’s not the point.  Rather, it’s through your experiencing that ‘things’ show up for you to question and ask about, to inquire, go within, shift to heal, forgive and release completely, enabling you to be more of who you are, enabling you to remember more of who you are so you can actually ascend and transcend the ‘old’ earth dimension fully, to no longer walk upon that plane in this manner, in this old way.  These can be the lessons of hard knocks.  It doesn’t get much harder sometimes.





Why is it so hard to remember Who We Are?

As the sun sets I
release to the dark all I
have so blindly borrowed.

Questioner: Why is it so hard to give ourselves permission to remember who we are?

Akashic Guides :  Part of this was the choice of the journey.  It was to be able to unearth, clear and clean-up that which held a karmic pattern.  And it is through the dismembering of those patterns that one can remember.  And that too is speeding up the remembrance of who each of you are, and it’s getting louder and louder and louder.

It’s a rattling, if you will, in your inner being and it is ever present with you at all times.  Indeed, you need not go to where you already are.  In these moments it is about being in the greatest peace and joy that you possibly can and knowing that that is who you are. 

And if you find yourself moving away from that conscious joy, you can anchor yourself to this new desire to remember, for many are not aware still of this being a potential in their moving forward.

  It would behoove you to consider most of what you are hearing from the news media at this point as being falsehoods.  And it would benefit each of you to tend to the matters at hand and to create checks and balances within your own personal systems to not give away more of your energy than is necessary.

     But each of you can be a beacon in the world to show others that you choose not to go down certain paths of forgetting.   You choose not to express in an old way.  You choose to be in new ways that are both self-serving and in service.  Thus there is a need , Dear Ones, whereby it is not just knowing who you are, but it is also recognizing and realizing who the other is as well.  It is no longer a singularity… a single…singularly separate from others.



Seeding the New Economy

Can we unsay the
contract of unconsciousness
with a sleeping heart?


Questioner:  You mentioned the ‘two-tiered economy’. Can you elaborate?

Akashic Guides:  What is important , Dear One, to share about this concept is that it is an idea in the political arena of the ‘haves and the have-nots’.  So there is this concept of separation.  There’s this concept of lack.  This programming that ‘I can’t have and other’s can have’ and visa-versa or ‘only if I get this will I be ok’.  There are many thought combinations , word combinations that have created these jail-cells of beliefs.  The opportunity inherent in the two-tiers is that those not of the highest echelon of monetary income have a duty to themselves to create the environment of their world as they deem important and appropriate for themselves.

Those who do have wealth are not necessarily separate from this experience, for who will wash their cars and mow their lawns, who will support their wealth if they isolate themselves? 

The rest of you are looking to create a reality that affords an experience that is desirous by ‘all’ so that even if those of these higher echelons recognize and realize “Hey, that’s where it’s at’, ‘that’s what I really want,’ instead, they too are invited in.  Thus it is not repeating a separate and separating state of being again.

Questioner:  Many now are left out of the economic system, the community of abundance.  How do those who “have not” make their way?

Akashic Guides”  :  Dear Ones, it’s about finding energetic matches, those who are interested in shared said experiences, and thus it’s about putting feelers out.  And one of the drawbacks that has caused many past attempts to fail is that the creation was done in such a definitive way that it left little wiggle room and little creativity to be more than its originating concept and foundation.

Questioner: How would you define this community?

Akashic Guides:  Like-minded, like-hearted, but most importantly, with the potential to expand, and by expand we mean, Dear Ones, putting in place a simple system.  Once complexities start coming in, things start to be hidden and motives start to be driven and self-interests start to be birthed and even nurtured.  There is a calling forth for checks and balances, for the checks and balances help in the process of ascension into the next dimension, out of the 3-D consciousness of ‘me’ into the 4-D consciousness of ‘we’.


Getting Real

The difference between
a truth and an agreement
confuses many.

I’ve listened to the conversation of others speaking of the two paths of spirituality- ‘service to self and service to others’  (made famous by the Law of One books).  Generally the conversation ends with an agreement of sorts that service to others is the best way to go.  But I find something is left out in the dialog.  If service to others is to the mind of the other, where is the benefit in that?  If we are not serving the godness in others are we not doing a disservice to self?  And isn’t it necessary to first recognize something of the godness in oneself so that we can recognize the godness in the others we are serving?

According to the ancient rishis there are four paths to the Divine and service is one of the four.  There is also love (bhakti).  There is also wisdom (jnana).  There is also creativity.  And all four contain some of the substance of all four.  The river of God widens the closer we approach.  It is filled with unbelievable spaciousness as it encourages every effort made in its direction.

As we play with time, we continually choose between service and servitude.  Each choice is like a page in the old kinetoscopes, that as one flipped the pages an action formed and took on life, creating a story.  If we slow down and look at just one page, there is only possibility.  And if we slow down even more, we find the page is blank.  Meaningless lines on paper.  Without significance.

We lose interest and put the book down and notice, for the first time, the title ‘The Essence of the Lower Nature’.

When we let go of the auto-identification of the need for answers and questions, a pure, new world shows up everywhere, as Heaven delights in the miracle of its slow unwinding in the container of our consciousness.  We personify Eternity’s fascination with duality as It dynamically releases the confusion of illusion through us.  Getting real often looks like upheaval.

Is it possible to vomit up a dimension that is no longer digestible?  Aren’t we already in the process of asking without asking, listening deeply for signs and wonders to feed the stranger knocking at the door, knowing that nothing in our cupboard will be enough to feed his hunger.

So pick a path.  The ancients offered four.  Just remember, you are doing it because the God in you is asking.  It loves company, wherever It can find it.  As long as the deal is real.  So let’s ‘get real’.  The diamonds of divine design are hiding in plain sight everywhere and anywhere, for those who choose to move at the speed of  love.

No one’s keeping us from that pace, and the days of flying blind are over for those who have truly met themselves.



“There is nothing more important in this time of shift than the continual awareness of one’s own energy field”.     


The Call of the Here and Now

The stars are snowing
and the softest flakes of light
land upon my tongue.

I have heard the call of the wild, the promise of the not quite real.  I have been lured into countless lands of phantoms and chased miracles and mirages, forsaking and breaking all for a glimpse of the beautiful ghosts who whispered a name that almost might have been one that sounded similar to another that seemed to be possibly mine.

I have been the seeker.

I have known the haunting kiss of the just out of reach, just over the horizon, just a moment away.  The eternal dance of the ‘if only’.  I groomed my muscles into lifetimes of strength, preparing for a contest that I knew was coming to test deep and ancient tendons and tensions of my being whose only destiny was a life and death struggle with the perfect beasts that hid in my shadows.

I have known the broken heart and quarter moon that brothered in the night, hoping for their missing parts to fill with a little light.  I have hurried sundown, turning my back on deserted days of never ever enough.  And still I sought.  And fought.  Thought after thought after thought.

Until, exhausted, I tripped and fell into the moment.  And even exhausted I could feel my surprise at being truly welcomed.  And well.  And home.

There is much talk about ‘going local’.  But why stop there?  What is at the heart of anywhere you ‘find yourself’ but the sacred?

I didn’t expect my light body to emerge the way it did.  It came from behind, momentary bursts of soft, silent, fluffy light.  Visible in the sides of my vision, and then gone.  And then again.  And again.  And again.

Has the incredible here and now been right below my nose the whole time?  I realize it doesn’t really matter if I ever get the answer.  It is here now.  It is all that is here now.  And ‘all’ covers a wondrous amount of territory.

Care to explore the quantum door?  Simply divine the Earth and unearth the divine. They dance so well together. And  we can cut in at any time.


Changing the Game

Yes, life is a game,
but that does not mean it is
any less profound.

The earthquake has happened.  The gluons no longer glue.  Something vast has come undone.  The ancient prophecy is released from the newly discovered time crystals… first the earthquake, then the throwing down of mountains, then the breaking up of rocks.

I’ve heard tales of those who recently died returning to the scene, trying to communicate with those they’ve left behind, believing that the ‘event’ had not happened. It has.

There is no going back.  The steering wheel refuses to turn and as we hurtle forward we find someone has stolen our rear-view mirrors.

Reality feels lop-sided.  Only gradually do we realize we are driving on the side of a mountain and the mountain is being thrown down.  But we faintly remember we have experienced this before.  Our energy field is built to withstand so much more than we could have imagined.

As I wake in the morning I experience a most remarkable quality – shape-shifting.  The borders of my identity are softened.  Mt personality reassembles from one series of potentials to another.  In this precious and precoscious state I can perceive my vibratory nature much more easily.  My awareness is more childlike and playful, for no reason at all.  I hover between worlds, not magnetized to anything but my own desire, if even that.

At this point, using the ladder of my breath, a heightening and empowering of my in intent becomes much more easily reachable.  Form and formlessness can be gathered and fused into new versions and visions of beingness as Spirit draws close, asking, “How may I assist you?”

“I want to break the spell of Time”,  I say.

“Are you ready for the game to change?” She answers. “The new one has no losers, no winners.”

I close my eyes and open my breath and let the approaching vastness have Its way.  In the silence I hear the words, “your move”.


Let Come What May

In the confusion
of the chaos winds I now
know to just sit down.

As the hard memories visit, the experiences of ‘tooth and nail’, both mine and others, I am invited again to the eternal tournament of gain and loss.  The challenge is forever shape-shifting from opponent to opponent, from age to age, from appearance to appearance.

The assault on the 3-fold flame of my inner heart is relentless.  But so is the arising of my breath.  Even in the most dire of times, when my adamantine flame seems to have been reduced to a mere pilot light, my breath feeds the fire, tirelessly.

Unless I allow without conditions, I find myself moving into disallowing particles of my experience.  The tooth and nail memories require my allowance, insisting I give them their harsh right to speak their stark truth.  And, for a moment, they do.  But then my breath rushes in, fanning a tongue of loving fire in the middle of their moment.  Combusting them.

Fanning the fire of our 3-fold flame calls in and anchors the 3rd strand of our DNA.  Using our breath to weave this third strand into our cells recalls our original  body,  a physical translucence with roots in everything.

Our 3-fold flame consists of the 3 petals of love, wisdom and power, and they are joined at the base, located at a point just below and behind our physical heart.  As I wake and feel my breath moving , I send the words ‘wise I am’ circling on my breath along the right petal.  Then I send the words ’empowered I am’ circling on my breath along the left petal.  Then I send the words ‘ love I am’ circling on my breath throughout the central petal.  Then I merge them and merge with them.

Gradually, I send this spiraling force into the multiple cells of my body, cradling the DNA in an embrace of attention in each cell requesting, my long lost children of light.

Let come what may.  I greet each moment in the strength of the fields of my own unfolding power, an ancient musical silence in my ears.

I am my own way.  As are you.  Even the shadows grow pregnant with new birth.