Horses of Light (cont.)

Just reach for the light
as it falls from the moon
and wrap it around you
like a cocoon.
The mouth and the ear
will disappear soon.

But you’d better be careful.
You’d better take care.
Moonlight on some nights
is as soft as a prayer.
It may have you sleeping
way into the morning
when your friends will be waiting
for you to be there.

But on some nights the moonlight
is just not around .
And on one night
you hear something
thumping the ground
outside your window
and your window’s not down.

And you want to jump up
and run to the door.
But to get to the door
you have to get on the floor,
and that means dangling your toes
over the edge of the bed.

And though you’re afraid,
you’re not out of your head.
Toes are much safer under
the covers instead.

But you don’t have to hover
under the cover
because your ears hear
some dumb noise that scares you.
You can make a sound too!

We are the ones who decide what is true.

You can take your own sound
and spin it around
the tip of your tongue
until it’s as strong
as any song ever sung.

The something that was thumping
won’t hang around long.


Fundamental to the shift into high consciousness beyond the reach of duality  is our ability to access our own heart frequency.  But about this , like Jon Snow, don’t we “know nothing”?

Akashic Guides: We invite you, Dear One, to drop into your heart space.  That space of love that beats in sync  and in harmony with your divine self.  That safe space that beckons you continuously, without end.  It can be heard.  It can be sensed.  It can be known.  You are it. And it is you.

Breathe deep, Dear One, this space of love and let it fill you.  Let it first fill your lungs and move in and through your physical being at the cellular level.  Invite it into all of you.  Invite it in as you.  And move it out beyond the physical you into the field that radiates beyond, merging into another color, another spectrum, another light, another aspect of your beingness… the part of you that touches  parts of others that feel too, that sense too, that see too.

Call forth the exquisite essence of that which resides there, that which feeds and nourishes your heart and releases and lets go that which does not.  See this magical energy of your essence radiate even further to the farthest corners of your mind.  How far is that, Dear One, for you are limitless?   And so we invite you to split the infinitive of infinity and ‘go boldly where no one ever has’.

Your horse of light knows the way.



Horses of Light

If you wake in the dark
and it fills you with fear
because you see something
that looks like an ear,
and that’s not half as bad
as the mouth that it’s near,
you don’t have to rush,
you don’t have to worry
as long as you turn
on the lamp in a hurry.
But the lamp doesn’t work
so what do you do?
You reach for the light
that is nearest to you.
We are the ones who decide what is true.

I wrote the book “Horses of Light” after I encountered my 3 year old son calling into the darkness after he slept walked to our front door and opened it in the middle of the night. I wanted to share with him how he might upgrade his feelings out of the fear he was experiencing.

As the old structures fall away, and even their blueprints dissolve, aren’t we all being asked to upgrade our beliefs now, again and again, in search of ‘horses of light’ that we can trust to carry us on the next leg of our destination, whatever that might be?  So what do we trust as the untrustworthy seems to reveal itself at every turn?

When I listen to my breath and allow myself to then hear my breath, I find it carries me out of the energy of others and back to my own. Often, only then do I realize how much I was ingesting of their reality and how it blocked the flow of my awareness. Like light, breath always flows. Shouldn’t we too?  Even as we wake in the dark aren’t other senses awakened that gently hint at new beginnings?

Questioner: Is it like Space Mountain, a roller coaster in the dark, where you can’t see anything but you can hear everybody screaming behind you and next to you and so you know you’re not alone?

Akashic Guides: And you are being excited. You are excitable, which is a good thing. You’re alive and you’re being excited. ‘Oh, there’s a star! There’s a big star and it’s lit up over there! Oh, my goodness, what’s happening over there? And then there’s another one and there’s another one.

So even though, Dear One, there is this vast amount of darkness and unknown from point to point , allow the points that do shine to radiate bigger…longer…more. Forget them not. Do not let them sink in your awareness.

And pull back so you can see more. See all of them as much as possible. See all these points of light, all these horses of light, all these joyful experiences you have had and you are to have because they are there. They are here.

Heart Language

Can we unsay the
contract of unconsciousness
with a sleeping heart?


In the dream a few days ago I was sitting with a female partner, looking out.  Suddenly a hole appeared in the sky that filled with swirling orange and yellow light. At first I thought ‘how beautiful’ but then it swiftly expanded, overwhelming the sky.  I raced to get behind a building, reaching for my partner but she just sat there, the sea of energy approaching behind her.

Only in contemplation later did I realize that she represented my higher self who was quite comfortable with the flooding of light (and all it implied) that I felt the need to race away from.

Questioner:  How can we, especially speaking for myself as a male, perceive my feelings more clearly?

Akashic Guides:  Turn up the volume.  Turn up the flame.  Feel!

      For so long, Dear Ones, the separation of the male/female dynamic creates this major parting of the seas when it comes to the emotions.  And one side looks to the other and says ‘Oh’, and the other one responds back ‘Oh’.

     For the males, Dear One, honor the female’s ability to feel.  Observe her closely, for even if you cannot understand her at all times, is it any different  for you?  You see, the lack of expression does not necessarily get you any closer to understanding than the perceived over-expression.  But if you choose wisdom, then you can recognize the level of emotional expression that is just right and speaks volumes.  And you may begin to practice what you perceive and understand to be faithful to ‘your’ emotions.

When gathered with friends, women may speak up and say, “Well guys, if you’re really so good at judging a woman and what she’s emotional about, then you need to be good enough to figure out where the real emotion lies.  We invite you to see,’there it is’.  That’s what she’s really feeling.  I care enough.  I’m close enough that I want o know.  I love enough and I want to touch that emotion she carries.  I want to experience, know and interact with her there and because I know it and I feel it, I can see it.  I ask to experience and express it in me because I am that good.”

Questioner:  The abusive male dominance in our society is now in the news every night.

Akashic Guides:  Perhaps, turn the word ‘society’ off.  Then you get to be in yourself and through yourself expressing a higher understanding out into the world.  So, Dear One, in this shared appreciation and understanding of what is true and your willingness to be in and one with that truth being your truth, it assists in creating the whole.  It creates balance between the male and female, for as she is understood the emotional override comes back into balance within her. 

As you are both honored and understood for the true emotion in you by your beloved, you both need not to be more or less than what is true within you by your willingness to step into the truth of all of you.

And that, Dear Ones, is ‘heart language’.  And that is what is being called forth by the headlines in the center of your attention.






While You Were Sleeping

Decide what you want
to create, removing all
attachment to time.


While you were sleeping, the aliens arrived.

When the Church created the dark ages by hunting down any version of truth that did not fully agree with its own and burning Bruno and others  at the stake,  the spirit of humanity was patient.  But evolve it must, so instead of science, it channeled its breath at first through the music of man, the Bachs and Beethhovens, and soon what was called the age of enlightenment arrived.

The alternate world is already arriving.   The architects are some of the first.  They play with shapes and let the walls speak through the curvatures of the subconscious, not fully comprehending that if they changed space, time would follow and if they altered time they would alter the times.  Not realizing that the buildings they were building were not for humanity as it was but for humanity as it will be.

Akashic Guides:  This is a grand movement, Dear Ones.  And you have all signed up to be a part of it.  Do not let any doubt within you arise.  Transform it immediately into excitement.  Make those words big in your consciousness so that you do not miss the ride, for the ride is here.  There is more to come and it is holding beneath it a support system for each and every one of you.  You speak of ‘economy’ and yet isn’t that an old word, an old 3-d term and one in which you would even be happy to toss out the window and say “what economy?”  “Who even cares any more about the economy?”

How about if instead you create that which you choose to create, what is in your hearts and minds?  And can you not create it anyway?  And why is there a need to look outside yourself in order to have that which you desire and that which you are looking to experience?  It is time to let go  of the old running of ways that is this false belief that there is another running your lives, there’s another running your government.

Yes, you may listen to advice but at the end of the day, Dear Ones, you are empowering yourself to make those decisions.  So why not twist and turn the rest of what is perceived to be outside of your self in this economic relationship and reverse that as well.  What then would that look like to you?  How would you live differently now to take that power back, to claim it and call it your own?  How would it look different?  This will be different in the heart and mind of each one of you.

  This is a time to sit down, slow down.  It is not a ‘get down’   but instead be firmly in place, realizing that ‘yes’ at some level you have released and relinquished your powers and in that realization forgiveness is in order.  And the forgiveness simply looks like ‘I didn’t know better and if I had at that time, another choice would have been made’.

   What is coming now, Dear Ones, is the recognition and realization that new choices are available.  So in the ‘sit down and slow down’  it is about coming into an understanding of what the self has available to it now.  What is available to you now, what choices do you have and in those choices what choice brings you the most harmony and balance and peace in your life and lets you make that choice now?  And that would be the first layer.  And the next layer is what choices do you want the opportunity to have? And then you look beyond that next layer to say ” How then can I create those choices to be available to me” all the while recognizing that there is synergy, there is harmony, there are others to be in relationship with for I am not an island.

     This is not to be done alone.  There will be coupling.  There will be relationship building in order to create in harmony each other’s dreams, each other’s desires, each other’s expanded perception of their conscious movement towards That Which Is.


The Difference and Distance between the Lower and Higher Mind

Ego heals
only in the laboratory
of your higher self.

As things breakdown and we enter new and unknown territory, new forms of perception and understanding present themselves at the edges of our attention. The guidance system of our lower mind slowly gives way to the higher.

How can we tell the difference?   The lower mind, being a creation of the ego, knows limitation and therefore, believing reality is finite, attempts to know all things.  But our higher mind,  perceiving only the quantum field everywhere, seeks only its next best choice.

Questioner:  Is there a reason or purpose for our limited knowing?

Akashic Guides:   Your Records, your totality, is alive in you now, right here as you walk this earth.  Each of you has the ability to access all of your history.  It is you and you are it. But here is what happens on this plane, there are only certain highlights or points that are primary, that are key, that are fine-tuned and focused to allow you to retrieve and see certain things now, such as why you came here and what lessons you want to learn.  And so, those light up somewhere along this lifetime, this path, in order to bring healing, in order to bring greater understanding.

It would not serve you to have access to all your Records walking around in your human body.  In fact, that’s not the purpose, that’s not the point.  Rather, it’s through your experiencing that ‘things’ show up for you to question and ask about, to inquire, go within, shift to heal, forgive and release completely, enabling you to be more of who you are, enabling you to remember more of who you are so you can actually ascend and transcend the ‘old’ earth dimension fully, to no longer walk upon that plane in this manner, in this old way.  These can be the lessons of hard knocks.  It doesn’t get much harder sometimes.





The Spiritual Tool of Fear

What is left when all
the world disappears except
its intensity.

Questioner:  Is it important for me to accurately describe for myself something that is causing me continuing discomfort?

Akashic Guides:  Be sure you have a release valve, Dear One.  Your knowing the point of the need to release is a major part of your journey because once you identify,  you recognize, you feel what it is that pressures you,  you can say, ” now I can let that go.  Or you can let it go first, before you even have to deal with it.  Wouldn’t that be better?’

By taking the hand of your soul you’re going to sense a field of trust even while being in the state of the unknown.  The days of flying blind in the winds of change are over for those in conscious relationship with their deeper selves.

Questioner:  I’ve been struggling with anxiety to the point where I’ve not been comfortable  even meeting others in public places.  How do I deal with this?

Akashic Guides:  Ask it , Dear One, to speak to you.  Give it a voice.  “What would you like to share with me now?”

Questioner:  Does one need to try to be without fear or is fear needed to balance the love and learning?

Akashic Guides:  Many use fear as a tool to come to know love greater.  It is not necessary but many use it.

Questioner:  In my experience anger and fear have been motivational.  I’ve used them to take my self out of depression.

Akashic Guides:  Again, it is a choice.  And many who do choose anger or fear are not aware that, even then, it is towards love they travel. 







Living in a Field of Freedom

Few noticed the soil
singing as the engines of
history shut down.

Questioner: If somebody believes something strong enough, will it happen?

Akashic Guides: There are actually layers even before belief, Dear One, because when you ask the question it has an undertone, if you will, of the third dimension because the third dimension says, “I think I believe; I think I can, I think I can, I think I can”.  Like the little train story, “I think I can. I think I can”.

     It’s the “I want” that starts first and there is a distinction between an ego-want and a soul-want.  Let us throw that in the mix for you to contemplate.  The belief at the level you are looking for is not a belief but a knowing.  “I know I can”.

“I believe I can” is a step down from that.  “I think I can” is a step down from that.  “I’d like to think I can” is a step down from that.  But “I feel I can” can moves anywhere within those levels.  So feeling can be associated to knowing on a vibrational level.

“It is always about getting more clarity on what you do want because what you want can manifest so much more quickly now.   And even that which you don’t believe might happen can happen, even if you don’t believe it consciously.  It is moving the operations of the subconscious up to get clarity and this is where the ego can be in disservice, when it’s blocking your ability to see the depths of your being for a more expanded view.  For example, “I can’t believe I attracted this to me” becomes “What must I be holding somewhere in my consciousness to have drawn this to me?”   And that moves you into a place of mastery.

Questioner:  I feel like I have a connection with the divine but when I intend to create I kind of feel at a loss?

Akashic Guides:   What’s happening, Dear One, is there’s a contraction in the action.  In the vibration of the intention you create a contraction of anticipation.  The excitement is causing your energy field to almost stiffen instead of relaxing into the new state.

The surprises are showing up for you in direct relation to your level of trust.  So you intend  but are you willing to trust the intention was heard?  You are all megaphones.  Mega, mega megaphones.  How about that?  And breath is one way to assure that your receiver is clean and dusted off.

The knowing often comes as a gentle wave, an uplifting ” Oh, I just heard this.  I just felt that.  I just thought this.”  And for some , writing it down strengthens the knowing.

And so in a way you are on your training wheels , Dear One, and you are saying, “I’m ready.”  You are ready for them to fall off.  You are ready to be on your way and go wherever you want go, whenever you want to go there.  So yes, the training wheels are coming off, however there is finding your balance on this ride first.  And that is true for many, to be balanced within the energy field of that which you are asking to have.

So, one of the things you can be asking yourself, Dear One, is “What is required of me to prepare myself for that which I’m anticipating and know is around the corner?”  And then,  “Where am I intending to go with it as a result of having it because there will be great freedom and how will I be in a field of  great freedom?’