The Hyperloop of the Heart

A whispered truth can
unravel the blooded knots
of a thousand years.

Elon Musk has been exploring building a pneumatic tube transportation system under Los Angeles.  And now between New York City and Washington D.C., cutting down the time dramatically as it transports passengers at the speed of a plane.

Many are now breaking ground on their own awareness as they explore the transportation of one’s own consciousness.  As the Netflix movie “Discovery” highlights time stops at the point of one’s own death.  And then it reverses.  This has been described as “seeing our life pass before our eyes”  but is actually much more.  At the point of death  the holographic artifice of our life experience collapses backwards, as we are propelled powerfully along the central path of our felt knowing, releasing the no longer necessary.

However,  if we move into resistance by remaining attached to sequenced experience that we have not completed, we send a signal to our deeper being that this point holds the potential for more exploration and the understanding it brings, sometimes called reincarnation.  This is neither bad nor good, merely necessary when free will is involved.

We have the ability to use the hyperloop instead.  If we hold to the speed of love, we shed the diminished experiences of personality consciousness and move into new expanded Identity. The recognizable sensation here is one of overwhelming joy.  ( It’s of note that this Identity may also have chosen to shed all aspects of any limiting conditions as it joins into the ride on the momentum of the upward and inward pull of the metamorphosis. There are no limits at these levels.)

The more we truly visit the heart in the face of the heartlessness this world is infected by, the greater we build our momentum at the time of reality collapse. All experiences and exchanges are completed by love, if that is our choice.  This is the great gift of the tortuous lower worlds that all have come here seeking.

Akashic Guides:  The challenge, the opportunity, the reason to slow down to the speed of love is that it becomes the key through which each of you are able to find the means and mechanism within your inner self to access that portal within.  Too often you are moving at the speed of light in a way that is not allowing you to see light or to experience light as it is intended, for light is in every cell of you.

It radiates everywhere.  So when you think of breathing in light and you think of moving at the speed of love and you allow these to come together and be unified as one, you can see all of yourselves, your totality.  You become aware of  physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and whole beingness, even to the point at which you extend into all you possess, all whom you touch and love and connect with, and beyond.  You begin to see the quantum field and the dynamics behind the frequency of love as your essence moves across the world, and even out into other galaxies.


Living in the Light of your Sixth Sense

What if we became
the hounds of heaven, having
caught the scent of suns?

Questioner:  What is the sixth sense?

Akashic Guides: It is the portal, the intuitive portal through which each individual accesses the greater aspects of who they truly are.  All portals exist.  All portals are not always accessed.  It is an individual choice, just as free will is.  So too is it free will to listen.  Often there are impulses; some are stronger than others and some are weaker than others.  There are different times in which they flow – strong and weak.  And so it is that the true asking by those seeking such wisdom is how to keep this portal active, vibrant and accessible at all times.

The breath is the first portal through which your being travels through the portal of the sixth sense and allows for that which is on the other side of the breath to access your vessel, your consciousness, your beingness here.  Thus the more in tune you are to your breath, the greater your access point will be.  It is the first cornerstone, the first milestone.

Questioner:  Keystone?

Akashic Guides:  Excellent word…keystone.  If you want a tattoo, Dear Ones, tattoo on the back of your hand ‘BREATHE’, because you’re constantly doing it, so why not fill all of your doing moments with breath?  And in that, it realigns you to the doing nature of your greater self and the doing nature of the greater self is in complete alignment with that which provides joy, peace, harmony, tranquility, connection and connectedness to one another.  Often it’s called for most when your breath is the shallowest, when you are most disconnected from your breath.

Your sixth sense becomes like riding ribbons of energy tendrils of your being that have fine filaments along them, and they reach far and wide.  As they touch different points of other light, there is an exchange.  There is a receiving and giving of information and it travels back along these tendrils to you.  The speed in which they travel, the means or ability of them to travel is dependent on the consciousness shift of the work you are doing now.

So what do you want to know?  What do you really want to know?  What do you really, really want to know?  That level of wanting and desire lifts up the human wanting to a divine level that asks one to know their Self.

It’s asking too, Dear Ones, how can you express yourself?  How can you express your true self?  And it’s your coming into harmonized resonance with both the wanting and the true self,  for the two to meet, and that is the ‘bridge of light’ that you speak of, for to live in the light of the sixth sense you must bridge to and be that light.  And it is emanating and illuminating through the high heart.

The high heart is not void of the human heart.  It is one with it.  It is what you are terming as the ‘whole heart’.  So in meditation, for example, to focus on the whole heart is synonymous with the whole being.  See an incredible light shining as if it’s the biggest, most intense floodlight you can imagine.  It comes from the center of your self and lights your way.  And imagine you are the battery keeping that light going, a galactic battery.  It is in your conscious decision to allow that battery to keep shining and to keep shining that you cannot stumble, you cannot fail for your path is lit.

Why is it so hard to remember Who We Are?

As the sun sets I
release to the dark all I
have so blindly borrowed.

Questioner: Why is it so hard to give ourselves permission to remember who we are?

Akashic Guides :  Part of this was the choice of the journey.  It was to be able to unearth, clear and clean-up that which held a karmic pattern.  And it is through the dismembering of those patterns that one can remember.  And that too is speeding up the remembrance of who each of you are, and it’s getting louder and louder and louder.

It’s a rattling, if you will, in your inner being and it is ever present with you at all times.  Indeed, you need not go to where you already are.  In these moments it is about being in the greatest peace and joy that you possibly can and knowing that that is who you are. 

And if you find yourself moving away from that conscious joy, you can anchor yourself to this new desire to remember, for many are not aware still of this being a potential in their moving forward.

  It would behoove you to consider most of what you are hearing from the news media at this point as being falsehoods.  And it would benefit each of you to tend to the matters at hand and to create checks and balances within your own personal systems to not give away more of your energy than is necessary.

     But each of you can be a beacon in the world to show others that you choose not to go down certain paths of forgetting.   You choose not to express in an old way.  You choose to be in new ways that are both self-serving and in service.  Thus there is a need , Dear Ones, whereby it is not just knowing who you are, but it is also recognizing and realizing who the other is as well.  It is no longer a singularity… a single…singularly separate from others.



Becoming Impervious to Fear

In this forest of
illusion, words are grown
from the same rich soil.

Fight or flight or

The old answers have come around again, begging me to let them in.  But their hands shake and their eyes are empty.  Their time has come and gone.  They are not the one I have been waiting for.

I notice loneliness only occurs when I look in the undesired direction.  It is actually a recall of the feeling everyone experienced as we separated from Source in the centripetal movement into these lower worlds, as we left the heavens.  It had purpose in that part of our journey, but not in our accelerating return into unified reality.

All life is empty.  And we are mirrors of the emptiness of reality, and this is the greatest of gifts.  But in what direction are we pointing the mirrors of our beingness?  If we point our awareness in the direction of the illusion of the world,  the waste, the savagery, the self-centeredness, we taste a meal of meaninglessness.  But if we point our reflective being in the direction of the infinite, we experience emptiness shift into spaciousness.  Into freedom.  Into flight.

How ingenious are our physical bodies that allow us the taste of emptiness only after the heightening contrast of orgasmic pleasure.  How even more so are our emotional bodies that allow the experience of spaciousness only after a passage through emotional pain.

“Once you see your nature, sex is basically immaterial. ”   Bohdidharma

Because our true nature is already at emptiness.  But the path to knowing the emptiness of all things is strewn with our resistance to the realization that it can’t be owned, can’t be possessed, can’t be determined, can’t be controlled.

Some now call for “disclosure”, the dropping of veils. Well, aren’t we already there?  Doesn’t the darkness sit side by side with the light everywhere we look?  We can no more unsee it than the Creator can unsee its beings of violence side by side with its beings of love.

Some forget that ‘as above so below’ is also a commandment.  It is a call to us to clear the mirrors of our being so that we reflect the higher into the lower.  And it happens not to us, but through us.

Fight of flight or flight?  Emptiness has no fear.  And it cannot be outrun.





Becoming Translucent

The treasures you sought
lie deep in oceans that have
never existed.

What if life is really not about meaning?  What if it is just what it is and the mad search for meaning is little more than an endless spinning of wheels of words of the never will be for the no one there?

“A poem should not mean but be”.   Archibald Macleish

The shaman Don Juan recommended the practice of ‘recapitulation’ to reintegrate the pockets of energy held within significant experiences of our past.  One way to recognize these significant experiences is that they recycle through our awareness.  And once remembered they have the uncanny ability to seem like they just happened yesterday.  Trapped in our forgetfulness, they weaken us until our higher self calls them to our attention again, and again to be finally resolved and re-assimilated through the intent of giveness.

A friend of mine has recently been attracted to the form of the fleur-de-lis.  Exploring its winding history through royalty and coats of arms, I found one of its earliest purposes was as a ‘cleaning tool’.  As soon as I saw this I heard the words ‘3-fold flame’.

The 3-fold flame is an energy structure in the base of our being representing the flow of wisdom, power and love through our energy field.  The outward petals curl back toward the center, back toward the heart.  The fleur-de-lis can be a tool of recapitulation, calling back lost power and insight from both our conscious and subconscious levels when applied with our breath.

As this recall takes place our awareness swells, creating space for more light to enter.  We become more translucent.  We allow more light to flow through us, in our thoughts, in our feelings, in our memories, in our beliefs.  It is the task of the second chakra, the sacral, to digest this mixture of light and memory, heaven and earth.  The sacral is also sacred.

So as the light floods in the question becomes ‘how much am I digesting?’ The transparency of the truth of things will arrive in its own good time.  Until then, my enjoyment of the meal of radiance and beauty before me can only only increase my ability to digest and absorb its transcendent nutrients.

It is not I who prepared the magical feast of reality so beautifully displayed before me.  But the succulence of the now gleams on the bones of the mythical beast in my breast.  And her forest is all around me.  So I look to the corners and crevices of light for more wonders to appear as I release to the night all I have so blindly borrowed.


Digging in shadows
of what I thought was me,
I found just nothing.


Let the moment overwhelm you.
Let it drag you under.
The cry in their eyes burns through your being
from the inside out.
Your heart a drumming thunder.

You will never be the same.
You have been called to this moment.
It alone knows your name,
for you have been unknown and unspoken,
unloved, unloving and unwoken
until the gift in the kiss of another’s pain
released this deepest sleeping beauty
locked away everywhere.

You will not escape unscathed
the fire burning through your dreams,
the roar of truth approaching
through the aging, fading scenes
of all that you have ever known.

That was never the intention
of the mystery of you.
The dance of masks is over
as the intensity of the immensity
takes your hand
and leads you through.




The Call of the Here and Now

The stars are snowing
and the softest flakes of light
land upon my tongue.

I have heard the call of the wild, the promise of the not quite real.  I have been lured into countless lands of phantoms and chased miracles and mirages, forsaking and breaking all for a glimpse of the beautiful ghosts who whispered a name that almost might have been one that sounded similar to another that seemed to be possibly mine.

I have been the seeker.

I have known the haunting kiss of the just out of reach, just over the horizon, just a moment away.  The eternal dance of the ‘if only’.  I groomed my muscles into lifetimes of strength, preparing for a contest that I knew was coming to test deep and ancient tendons and tensions of my being whose only destiny was a life and death struggle with the perfect beasts that hid in my shadows.

I have known the broken heart and quarter moon that brothered in the night, hoping for their missing parts to fill with a little light.  I have hurried sundown, turning my back on deserted days of never ever enough.  And still I sought.  And fought.  Thought after thought after thought.

Until, exhausted, I tripped and fell into the moment.  And even exhausted I could feel my surprise at being truly welcomed.  And well.  And home.

There is much talk about ‘going local’.  But why stop there?  What is at the heart of anywhere you ‘find yourself’ but the sacred?

I didn’t expect my light body to emerge the way it did.  It came from behind, momentary bursts of soft, silent, fluffy light.  Visible in the sides of my vision, and then gone.  And then again.  And again.  And again.

Has the incredible here and now been right below my nose the whole time?  I realize it doesn’t really matter if I ever get the answer.  It is here now.  It is all that is here now.  And ‘all’ covers a wondrous amount of territory.

Care to explore the quantum door?  Simply divine the Earth and unearth the divine. They dance so well together. And  we can cut in at any time.