Heart Language

Can we unsay the
contract of unconsciousness
with a sleeping heart?


In the dream a few days ago I was sitting with a female partner, looking out.  Suddenly a hole appeared in the sky that filled with swirling orange and yellow light. At first I thought ‘how beautiful’ but then it swiftly expanded, overwhelming the sky.  I raced to get behind a building, reaching for my partner but she just sat there, the sea of energy approaching behind her.

Only in contemplation later did I realize that she represented my higher self who was quite comfortable with the flooding of light (and all it implied) that I felt the need to race away from.

Questioner:  How can we, especially speaking for myself as a male, perceive my feelings more clearly?

Akashic Guides:  Turn up the volume.  Turn up the flame.  Feel!

      For so long, Dear Ones, the separation of the male/female dynamic creates this major parting of the seas when it comes to the emotions.  And one side looks to the other and says ‘Oh’, and the other one responds back ‘Oh’.

     For the males, Dear One, honor the female’s ability to feel.  Observe her closely, for even if you cannot understand her at all times, is it any different  for you?  You see, the lack of expression does not necessarily get you any closer to understanding than the perceived over-expression.  But if you choose wisdom, then you can recognize the level of emotional expression that is just right and speaks volumes.  And you may begin to practice what you perceive and understand to be faithful to ‘your’ emotions.

When gathered with friends, women may speak up and say, “Well guys, if you’re really so good at judging a woman and what she’s emotional about, then you need to be good enough to figure out where the real emotion lies.  We invite you to see,’there it is’.  That’s what she’s really feeling.  I care enough.  I’m close enough that I want o know.  I love enough and I want to touch that emotion she carries.  I want to experience, know and interact with her there and because I know it and I feel it, I can see it.  I ask to experience and express it in me because I am that good.”

Questioner:  The abusive male dominance in our society is now in the news every night.

Akashic Guides:  Perhaps, turn the word ‘society’ off.  Then you get to be in yourself and through yourself expressing a higher understanding out into the world.  So, Dear One, in this shared appreciation and understanding of what is true and your willingness to be in and one with that truth being your truth, it assists in creating the whole.  It creates balance between the male and female, for as she is understood the emotional override comes back into balance within her. 

As you are both honored and understood for the true emotion in you by your beloved, you both need not to be more or less than what is true within you by your willingness to step into the truth of all of you.

And that, Dear Ones, is ‘heart language’.  And that is what is being called forth by the headlines in the center of your attention.






Living in a Field of Freedom

Few noticed the soil
singing as the engines of
history shut down.

Questioner: If somebody believes something strong enough, will it happen?

Akashic Guides: There are actually layers even before belief, Dear One, because when you ask the question it has an undertone, if you will, of the third dimension because the third dimension says, “I think I believe; I think I can, I think I can, I think I can”.  Like the little train story, “I think I can. I think I can”.

     It’s the “I want” that starts first and there is a distinction between an ego-want and a soul-want.  Let us throw that in the mix for you to contemplate.  The belief at the level you are looking for is not a belief but a knowing.  “I know I can”.

“I believe I can” is a step down from that.  “I think I can” is a step down from that.  “I’d like to think I can” is a step down from that.  But “I feel I can” can moves anywhere within those levels.  So feeling can be associated to knowing on a vibrational level.

“It is always about getting more clarity on what you do want because what you want can manifest so much more quickly now.   And even that which you don’t believe might happen can happen, even if you don’t believe it consciously.  It is moving the operations of the subconscious up to get clarity and this is where the ego can be in disservice, when it’s blocking your ability to see the depths of your being for a more expanded view.  For example, “I can’t believe I attracted this to me” becomes “What must I be holding somewhere in my consciousness to have drawn this to me?”   And that moves you into a place of mastery.

Questioner:  I feel like I have a connection with the divine but when I intend to create I kind of feel at a loss?

Akashic Guides:   What’s happening, Dear One, is there’s a contraction in the action.  In the vibration of the intention you create a contraction of anticipation.  The excitement is causing your energy field to almost stiffen instead of relaxing into the new state.

The surprises are showing up for you in direct relation to your level of trust.  So you intend  but are you willing to trust the intention was heard?  You are all megaphones.  Mega, mega megaphones.  How about that?  And breath is one way to assure that your receiver is clean and dusted off.

The knowing often comes as a gentle wave, an uplifting ” Oh, I just heard this.  I just felt that.  I just thought this.”  And for some , writing it down strengthens the knowing.

And so in a way you are on your training wheels , Dear One, and you are saying, “I’m ready.”  You are ready for them to fall off.  You are ready to be on your way and go wherever you want go, whenever you want to go there.  So yes, the training wheels are coming off, however there is finding your balance on this ride first.  And that is true for many, to be balanced within the energy field of that which you are asking to have.

So, one of the things you can be asking yourself, Dear One, is “What is required of me to prepare myself for that which I’m anticipating and know is around the corner?”  And then,  “Where am I intending to go with it as a result of having it because there will be great freedom and how will I be in a field of  great freedom?’ 


Words on the Lips of the Eclipse

Let me feel this day
stripped of all interference,
every last atom.

In a world such as ours, words can be friend or foe. For instance, some are upset that the world has not changed enough.  It is not meeting their expectations, even now as the sun has been eclipsed as it bowed to the moon to usher in lunar time and the 13th constellation of the zodiac – the serpent holder, the medicine of the fire in the spine.

But if they examined their “expectations” they would most likely find that these were never “their’s”.  They were borrowed from others, who also only had them on loan from a library of beliefs.  Now dusty beyond belief.

The heart has no expectations, since even the best expectation is only lodged in the heart of the head.  Look deeper.  Why not push through the thicket of ideas  that obscures your discovery of the open way?   It waits for you now with the passion of a lover.

Akashic Guides” We greet you and anoint you with the wisdom of your self, for it is showing up for you in this now moment.  Feel and know the mirror.  And, if you so choose, clean the mirror, but indeed, enjoy the mirror.  Bask in the beauty and the radiance.  See yourself, Dear One, reflecting back to you that which is radiant, that which is filled with joy and light.

Feel your Self and know this one as yourself.  And, if it so pleases, see one come from behind to stand with you in support of you, be this a loved one, a guide or guardian.  Whoever feels most appropriate in this time, in these times, and speak to them from your heart.  Let them know your desire.  And show them.  Show them through your desires that which you wish to play out, that which you wish to experience, that which you wish to come to know as you, for you.  

It will make an imprint, Dear One, first and foremost upon your heart.  And that in turn imprints upon theirs, and they will be guided by you and you by them. Feel this.  Know this.

The days of flying
blindly are over for all
who have met themselves.


Becoming Impervious to Fear

In this forest of
illusion, words are grown
from the same rich soil.

Fight or flight or

The old answers have come around again, begging me to let them in.  But their hands shake and their eyes are empty.  Their time has come and gone.  They are not the one I have been waiting for.

I notice loneliness only occurs when I look in the undesired direction.  It is actually a recall of the feeling everyone experienced as we separated from Source in the centripetal movement into these lower worlds, as we left the heavens.  It had purpose in that part of our journey, but not in our accelerating return into unified reality.

All life is empty.  And we are mirrors of the emptiness of reality, and this is the greatest of gifts.  But in what direction are we pointing the mirrors of our beingness?  If we point our awareness in the direction of the illusion of the world,  the waste, the savagery, the self-centeredness, we taste a meal of meaninglessness.  But if we point our reflective being in the direction of the infinite, we experience emptiness shift into spaciousness.  Into freedom.  Into flight.

How ingenious are our physical bodies that allow us the taste of emptiness only after the heightening contrast of orgasmic pleasure.  How even more so are our emotional bodies that allow the experience of spaciousness only after a passage through emotional pain.

“Once you see your nature, sex is basically immaterial. ”   Bohdidharma

Because our true nature is already at emptiness.  But the path to knowing the emptiness of all things is strewn with our resistance to the realization that it can’t be owned, can’t be possessed, can’t be determined, can’t be controlled.

Some now call for “disclosure”, the dropping of veils. Well, aren’t we already there?  Doesn’t the darkness sit side by side with the light everywhere we look?  We can no more unsee it than the Creator can unsee its beings of violence side by side with its beings of love.

Some forget that ‘as above so below’ is also a commandment.  It is a call to us to clear the mirrors of our being so that we reflect the higher into the lower.  And it happens not to us, but through us.

Fight of flight or flight?  Emptiness has no fear.  And it cannot be outrun.





Becoming Translucent

The treasures you sought
lie deep in oceans that have
never existed.

What if life is really not about meaning?  What if it is just what it is and the mad search for meaning is little more than an endless spinning of wheels of words of the never will be for the no one there?

“A poem should not mean but be”.   Archibald Macleish

The shaman Don Juan recommended the practice of ‘recapitulation’ to reintegrate the pockets of energy held within significant experiences of our past.  One way to recognize these significant experiences is that they recycle through our awareness.  And once remembered they have the uncanny ability to seem like they just happened yesterday.  Trapped in our forgetfulness, they weaken us until our higher self calls them to our attention again, and again to be finally resolved and re-assimilated through the intent of giveness.

A friend of mine has recently been attracted to the form of the fleur-de-lis.  Exploring its winding history through royalty and coats of arms, I found one of its earliest purposes was as a ‘cleaning tool’.  As soon as I saw this I heard the words ‘3-fold flame’.

The 3-fold flame is an energy structure in the base of our being representing the flow of wisdom, power and love through our energy field.  The outward petals curl back toward the center, back toward the heart.  The fleur-de-lis can be a tool of recapitulation, calling back lost power and insight from both our conscious and subconscious levels when applied with our breath.

As this recall takes place our awareness swells, creating space for more light to enter.  We become more translucent.  We allow more light to flow through us, in our thoughts, in our feelings, in our memories, in our beliefs.  It is the task of the second chakra, the sacral, to digest this mixture of light and memory, heaven and earth.  The sacral is also sacred.

So as the light floods in the question becomes ‘how much am I digesting?’ The transparency of the truth of things will arrive in its own good time.  Until then, my enjoyment of the meal of radiance and beauty before me can only only increase my ability to digest and absorb its transcendent nutrients.

It is not I who prepared the magical feast of reality so beautifully displayed before me.  But the succulence of the now gleams on the bones of the mythical beast in my breast.  And her forest is all around me.  So I look to the corners and crevices of light for more wonders to appear as I release to the night all I have so blindly borrowed.

When in the Night

When in the night
you see the light
and the sound around you curls,
you find a doorway and a door
and  a key to secret worlds.

And you might look back wondering,
should I stay or should I go?
But the winds from nowhere
to nowhere blow,
except for the one wind
that calls from within
in a voice you must follow.

Can we trust the wind
to let us in
as we shed all skin?
Will it be so kind
as to undress our mind
and every sense
of unintelligence?

I do know this,
a kiss of bliss
from the Angel’s lips
changes everything.




Digging in shadows
of what I thought was me,
I found just nothing.


Let the moment overwhelm you.
Let it drag you under.
The cry in their eyes burns through your being
from the inside out.
Your heart a drumming thunder.

You will never be the same.
You have been called to this moment.
It alone knows your name,
for you have been unknown and unspoken,
unloved, unloving and unwoken
until the gift in the kiss of another’s pain
released this deepest sleeping beauty
locked away everywhere.

You will not escape unscathed
the fire burning through your dreams,
the roar of truth approaching
through the aging, fading scenes
of all that you have ever known.

That was never the intention
of the mystery of you.
The dance of masks is over
as the intensity of the immensity
takes your hand
and leads you through.