The Difference and Distance between the Lower and Higher Mind

Ego heals
only in the laboratory
of your higher self.

As things breakdown and we enter new and unknown territory, new forms of perception and understanding present themselves at the edges of our attention. The guidance system of our lower mind slowly gives way to the higher.

How can we tell the difference?   The lower mind, being a creation of the ego, knows limitation and therefore, believing reality is finite, attempts to know all things.  But our higher mind,  perceiving only the quantum field everywhere, seeks only its next best choice.

Questioner:  Is there a reason or purpose for our limited knowing?

Akashic Guides:   Your Records, your totality, is alive in you now, right here as you walk this earth.  Each of you has the ability to access all of your history.  It is you and you are it. But here is what happens on this plane, there are only certain highlights or points that are primary, that are key, that are fine-tuned and focused to allow you to retrieve and see certain things now, such as why you came here and what lessons you want to learn.  And so, those light up somewhere along this lifetime, this path, in order to bring healing, in order to bring greater understanding.

It would not serve you to have access to all your Records walking around in your human body.  In fact, that’s not the purpose, that’s not the point.  Rather, it’s through your experiencing that ‘things’ show up for you to question and ask about, to inquire, go within, shift to heal, forgive and release completely, enabling you to be more of who you are, enabling you to remember more of who you are so you can actually ascend and transcend the ‘old’ earth dimension fully, to no longer walk upon that plane in this manner, in this old way.  These can be the lessons of hard knocks.  It doesn’t get much harder sometimes.





Touching Gently the Pain Body

Though I stumbled in
the dark, I remembered to
fall toward the light.

Within the same week we’ve just experienced two events which can only truthfully be described by the word “wow”.  Even though in one people looked up and in the other people looked down, both the total eclipse and the historic flooding of one of the nation’s largest cities were saturated with unity consciousness.  And still are.
The new dimension dissolves all judgement in the unrelenting experience of the now as  “wow”.   Even as the lower mind tries to make sense or cents of what is left in its wake,  recognition is made that the future will never be the same because it too has been flooded by  frequency more intense than itself.

We can expand our ability to remain in the nowness.   The room required to hold more and more awareness is already here in the domain of our subconscious. Breath accesses both our conscious and subconscious fields effortlessly and can act as a solvent on the locks and blocks of long-held  beliefs.  But as the numbing power of the beliefs recede and we perceive the devastation  at location after location, how can we hold to the raw, unfiltered beauty that  arrives with unity consciousness?

Questioner:  I’m a little bit stuck with tragedy that happens to animals and children.  I’m having trouble wrapping my understanding around the forgiveness concept on those kind of events.  I understand on one level of being forgiving, immediately forgiving and immediately loving to all beings, and yet there is a part of me that says my response is for the sufferers only.

Akashic Guides:  What you are not able to wrap yourself around, Dear One, is not the concept of forgiveness but it is that which has transpired.  It is not about wrapping yourself around an understanding of what took place because it is truly the lower nature that is engaging at that time.  You are not looking to engage the lower nature because it has judgement and it can’t help nor can it understand.  But in shifting into the higher state of your being, it enables.  And through compassion you can bridge into more light where there was little.

And you can be in oneness unity-consciousness with your presence  to allow yourself to touch the pain.  You don’t have to go into it.  You don’t have to wrap yourself around it.  You don’t have to own it.  You can just gently touch it so that you can have within yourself the compassion that comes up and carries a unity space of forgiving-consciousness to bring the comfort of love and light there.  And that travels, Dear One, knowing no boundaries and having no limits.

Questioner:  So the promise is that there will be an end to suffering eventually on this planet so that these tragedies and atrocities no longer occur?

Akashic Guides:  The full memory will return, Dear One.     




The Hyperloop of the Heart

A whispered truth can
unravel the blooded knots
of a thousand years.

Elon Musk has been exploring building a pneumatic tube transportation system under Los Angeles.  And now between New York City and Washington D.C., cutting down the time dramatically as it transports passengers at the speed of a plane.

Many are now breaking ground on their own awareness as they explore the transportation of one’s own consciousness.  As the Netflix movie “Discovery” highlights time stops at the point of one’s own death.  And then it reverses.  This has been described as “seeing our life pass before our eyes”  but is actually much more.  At the point of death  the holographic artifice of our life experience collapses backwards, as we are propelled powerfully along the central path of our felt knowing, releasing the no longer necessary.

However,  if we move into resistance by remaining attached to sequenced experience that we have not completed, we send a signal to our deeper being that this point holds the potential for more exploration and the understanding it brings, sometimes called reincarnation.  This is neither bad nor good, merely necessary when free will is involved.

We have the ability to use the hyperloop instead.  If we hold to the speed of love, we shed the diminished experiences of personality consciousness and move into new expanded Identity. The recognizable sensation here is one of overwhelming joy.  ( It’s of note that this Identity may also have chosen to shed all aspects of any limiting conditions as it joins into the ride on the momentum of the upward and inward pull of the metamorphosis. There are no limits at these levels.)

The more we truly visit the heart in the face of the heartlessness this world is infected by, the greater we build our momentum at the time of reality collapse. All experiences and exchanges are completed by love, if that is our choice.  This is the great gift of the tortuous lower worlds that all have come here seeking.

Akashic Guides:  The challenge, the opportunity, the reason to slow down to the speed of love is that it becomes the key through which each of you are able to find the means and mechanism within your inner self to access that portal within.  Too often you are moving at the speed of light in a way that is not allowing you to see light or to experience light as it is intended, for light is in every cell of you.

It radiates everywhere.  So when you think of breathing in light and you think of moving at the speed of love and you allow these to come together and be unified as one, you can see all of yourselves, your totality.  You become aware of  physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and whole beingness, even to the point at which you extend into all you possess, all whom you touch and love and connect with, and beyond.  You begin to see the quantum field and the dynamics behind the frequency of love as your essence moves across the world, and even out into other galaxies.


The Bridge Beneath Us

As the talkers talk,
a thousand -petalled lotus
blooms in every breath.

Questioner:  Why is there so much confusion in the world?

Akashic Guides:  Part of the human consciousness is confounded by the idea that what is now will always be.  You lose sight of the transitions you have made, how through your prior healing you are actually healing faster, how through your prior experiences you are moving at the speed of love more and more. 

There are ancestral lineages as well.  They are even more rooted and encoded in your DNA for the purpose of you being the torch-bearers of your own generation to shed as much light to heal and transform those aspects.  The more light you bring into your bodies through forgiveness work, through breathwork, through whatever modality that will assist your heart in being in harmony, balance and joy allows for that to release and recode itself, to crystalize into a lighter form.

Your healing and transformation is also connected to the DNA of your family members, whether they are embodied or not, whether they came before you or come after you, whether you talk to them or don’t talk to them, whether you’re in close proximity to them or far away.  There is a chain reaction.  Maybe you want to think about it as the “hundredth monkey”. It’s in play.  It’s always in play, Dear Ones.

There is that which you’ve created for yourself in this lifetime, so think not that you’re coming in with your blueprint and here are the lessons, as if there are no new lessons being created, for you are creating new lessons on top of the ones that you came in with.  There’s a movement constantly taking place.

For many who are waking up there is a thinning taking place.  The veil is thinning and what this looks like to us is that there is more and more light in your DNA strands.  The strands are coming alive.  There are more of them available to you, which is reflected in your awareness.  So even if you are going about and through your day, you might be forgetting the divine, you might be forgetting where you are and what is going on.  Until something suddenly shows up for you, surprising you.  The more aware you are of the innate frequency that moves your energy to this new spot, the more quickly you move through it.

Bridges have a beginning point and a destination.  You could say you are moving from the third dimension into the fourth dimension and there are different levels, different stages.  And when you’re on a bridge you can back up or you can go forward again or even say “forget it” and just stare out over the side.  But once you make your way far enough, enough light gets anchored into your being , there is a letting go.  There is a threshold , a point of which which there is no longer a going back. The feeling is so joy-filled, there is such a sense of peace and wonder that you realize, as if for the first time, that resisting is no longer an option.

At the end of the bridge lies the unconditional.  Like a flower before the sun, we are looking to open all the 12 petals of our heart so that we can truly see our truth around and through any situation.  We don’t think it, we become it.

Happy eclipse everyone.













Becoming Translucent

The treasures you sought
lie deep in oceans that have
never existed.

What if life is really not about meaning?  What if it is just what it is and the mad search for meaning is little more than an endless spinning of wheels of words of the never will be for the no one there?

“A poem should not mean but be”.   Archibald Macleish

The shaman Don Juan recommended the practice of ‘recapitulation’ to reintegrate the pockets of energy held within significant experiences of our past.  One way to recognize these significant experiences is that they recycle through our awareness.  And once remembered they have the uncanny ability to seem like they just happened yesterday.  Trapped in our forgetfulness, they weaken us until our higher self calls them to our attention again, and again to be finally resolved and re-assimilated through the intent of giveness.

A friend of mine has recently been attracted to the form of the fleur-de-lis.  Exploring its winding history through royalty and coats of arms, I found one of its earliest purposes was as a ‘cleaning tool’.  As soon as I saw this I heard the words ‘3-fold flame’.

The 3-fold flame is an energy structure in the base of our being representing the flow of wisdom, power and love through our energy field.  The outward petals curl back toward the center, back toward the heart.  The fleur-de-lis can be a tool of recapitulation, calling back lost power and insight from both our conscious and subconscious levels when applied with our breath.

As this recall takes place our awareness swells, creating space for more light to enter.  We become more translucent.  We allow more light to flow through us, in our thoughts, in our feelings, in our memories, in our beliefs.  It is the task of the second chakra, the sacral, to digest this mixture of light and memory, heaven and earth.  The sacral is also sacred.

So as the light floods in the question becomes ‘how much am I digesting?’ The transparency of the truth of things will arrive in its own good time.  Until then, my enjoyment of the meal of radiance and beauty before me can only only increase my ability to digest and absorb its transcendent nutrients.

It is not I who prepared the magical feast of reality so beautifully displayed before me.  But the succulence of the now gleams on the bones of the mythical beast in my breast.  And her forest is all around me.  So I look to the corners and crevices of light for more wonders to appear as I release to the night all I have so blindly borrowed.

Getting Real

The difference between
a truth and an agreement
confuses many.

I’ve listened to the conversation of others speaking of the two paths of spirituality- ‘service to self and service to others’  (made famous by the Law of One books).  Generally the conversation ends with an agreement of sorts that service to others is the best way to go.  But I find something is left out in the dialog.  If service to others is to the mind of the other, where is the benefit in that?  If we are not serving the godness in others are we not doing a disservice to self?  And isn’t it necessary to first recognize something of the godness in oneself so that we can recognize the godness in the others we are serving?

According to the ancient rishis there are four paths to the Divine and service is one of the four.  There is also love (bhakti).  There is also wisdom (jnana).  There is also creativity.  And all four contain some of the substance of all four.  The river of God widens the closer we approach.  It is filled with unbelievable spaciousness as it encourages every effort made in its direction.

As we play with time, we continually choose between service and servitude.  Each choice is like a page in the old kinetoscopes, that as one flipped the pages an action formed and took on life, creating a story.  If we slow down and look at just one page, there is only possibility.  And if we slow down even more, we find the page is blank.  Meaningless lines on paper.  Without significance.

We lose interest and put the book down and notice, for the first time, the title ‘The Essence of the Lower Nature’.

When we let go of the auto-identification of the need for answers and questions, a pure, new world shows up everywhere, as Heaven delights in the miracle of its slow unwinding in the container of our consciousness.  We personify Eternity’s fascination with duality as It dynamically releases the confusion of illusion through us.  Getting real often looks like upheaval.

Is it possible to vomit up a dimension that is no longer digestible?  Aren’t we already in the process of asking without asking, listening deeply for signs and wonders to feed the stranger knocking at the door, knowing that nothing in our cupboard will be enough to feed his hunger.

So pick a path.  The ancients offered four.  Just remember, you are doing it because the God in you is asking.  It loves company, wherever It can find it.  As long as the deal is real.  So let’s ‘get real’.  The diamonds of divine design are hiding in plain sight everywhere and anywhere, for those who choose to move at the speed of  love.

No one’s keeping us from that pace, and the days of flying blind are over for those who have truly met themselves.



“There is nothing more important in this time of shift than the continual awareness of one’s own energy field”.     


Clash of the Akashic

Let us make ourselves
naked to each other, one
layer at a time.

Though possible through hypnosis, meditation and other means, it is not easy to perceive one’s own subconscious energy field.  And yet, like a vast shadow, we carry it with us everywhere we go.  And , to a large extent, it directs our steps.

Our subconscious has its own library, called by some akashic records, a database of everything we’ve ever experienced.  Not many noticed but humanity jumped school systems on 12-21-12.  It went from adolescence, flunking some classes, to adulthood. High school to college.   And with the new school  came new libraries with new policies.  Suddenly what was not permitted to be accessed, was.

The pages of broken bridges of cause and effect began to reassemble in startling ways.  In a world of dominant duality, truth is a double-edged sword and search engines are a mixed blessing.  Not only can a particle be in 2 places at the same time (quantum mechanics), but so can a truth.

But what if the context is different?  What if a truth appears the same consciously but is experienced very differently at the sub-conscious level?  For centuries and centuries everyone’s akashic records were their own and ‘privacy’ was considered fundamental.  It was a high schoolish time-out zone,  but now that time, as we have known it, is running out and an etheareal light has been switched on revealing everything inhabiting the shadows, WTF?

Of such is the madness of the Matrix.  It was built on the witchery of secrets and subterfuge.  As I become more and more transparent and translucent through my own forgiveness of myself and others, I find the past shrinking in my rear-view mirror, not through denial but simply because it has completed its purpose in my trip.  It is the limitless power of forgiveness that enables me to embrace even the ‘unforgivable’.

As we encounter the unforgivable of the world in the days and nights ahead, the first response of many will be to look away.  The crimes committed in the name of everything under the sun have no answer, no resolution.  They serve only one purpose in our energy field now, the creation of the mysterious elixir of compassion within us.

No one knows where it comes from nor where it goes to.  Nor need we.  Our role seems to simply be its receptacle.  But the gift we receive as a result of the encounter is a taste of transcendence that alters everything.

And we come to understand that truth is that which once experienced, try as we might, can never again be denied.  Never again be unseen.  It leaves a scar that penetrates down and through the membranes of the self, shining like a bone of  a new body.

We don’t start over.  But we do start anew.  The air we breathe now is introducing new timelines for our consideration, each slightly different.  All responsive to the shifts between the songs of our desires.  Catch your breath.  Listen.  And then let it go.

All life is naked to the heart.