The Bridge Beneath Us

As the talkers talk,
a thousand -petalled lotus
blooms in every breath.

Questioner:  Why is there so much confusion in the world?

Akashic Guides:  Part of the human consciousness is confounded by the idea that what is now will always be.  You lose sight of the transitions you have made, how through your prior healing you are actually healing faster, how through your prior experiences you are moving at the speed of love more and more. 

There are ancestral lineages as well.  They are even more rooted and encoded in your DNA for the purpose of you being the torch-bearers of your own generation to shed as much light to heal and transform those aspects.  The more light you bring into your bodies through forgiveness work, through breathwork, through whatever modality that will assist your heart in being in harmony, balance and joy allows for that to release and recode itself, to crystalize into a lighter form.

Your healing and transformation is also connected to the DNA of your family members, whether they are embodied or not, whether they came before you or come after you, whether you talk to them or don’t talk to them, whether you’re in close proximity to them or far away.  There is a chain reaction.  Maybe you want to think about it as the “hundredth monkey”. It’s in play.  It’s always in play, Dear Ones.

There is that which you’ve created for yourself in this lifetime, so think not that you’re coming in with your blueprint and here are the lessons, as if there are no new lessons being created, for you are creating new lessons on top of the ones that you came in with.  There’s a movement constantly taking place.

For many who are waking up there is a thinning taking place.  The veil is thinning and what this looks like to us is that there is more and more light in your DNA strands.  The strands are coming alive.  There are more of them available to you, which is reflected in your awareness.  So even if you are going about and through your day, you might be forgetting the divine, you might be forgetting where you are and what is going on.  Until something suddenly shows up for you, surprising you.  The more aware you are of the innate frequency that moves your energy to this new spot, the more quickly you move through it.

Bridges have a beginning point and a destination.  You could say you are moving from the third dimension into the fourth dimension and there are different levels, different stages.  And when you’re on a bridge you can back up or you can go forward again or even say “forget it” and just stare out over the side.  But once you make your way far enough, enough light gets anchored into your being , there is a letting go.  There is a threshold , a point of which which there is no longer a going back. The feeling is so joy-filled, there is such a sense of peace and wonder that you realize, as if for the first time, that resisting is no longer an option.

At the end of the bridge lies the unconditional.  Like a flower before the sun, we are looking to open all the 12 petals of our heart so that we can truly see our truth around and through any situation.  We don’t think it, we become it.

Happy eclipse everyone.













What Will It Take?

Gripping a corner
of me, I pulled my insides
into the outside.

Questioner:  Is it becoming more and more important to see that our fives senses are not enough?

Akashic Guides: In truth, Dear One, it is not enough to live within the realm of five senses, nor has it ever been.  It is a desire in you, and it is shared by many, that one ‘awaken’, for there is a knowingness beyond this veil and by diving into and tapping into the sixth sense brings forth greater clarity, clearer living and a more purposeful and fulfilled experience.  But that is not to diminish the experiences that are being had.  It is not to say that that which is experienced in life is inappropriate and unnecessary, for it is and has been for many.

Now there’s a new horizon.  There’s new opportunity.  There’s a new way of being and doing that is available.  It is accessing that aspect of yourselves that you’re looking to do.  You want to speak of the now and 2012 was certainly an opening.  It was a portal of movement beyond the comprehension of most humans, whether they be now or even the great scientists and seers of the past.

     The Universe has tricks up her sleeve and it is going to hold some extra goodies in there for you.  It is not always that in the revealing of what is to come it is always the best, because what if you could make it better?

Go to the idea of free will.  If we were to say, “Here is what will happen …”, then you can’t make it grander because you will set your sights at that level, not higher.  How about instead  picturing the most amazing, outrageous , incredible, wonderful potential that you could possibly imagine?  No limitations!  Step out of the physical suit, this make-up that you have agreed to, so you look naked.

Are you ready for all mankind to be abundant?  Are you ready for all womankind to be fully present in her power in each and every moment?  What in you are you ready to release so that these truths, which are indeed truths, which are indeed realities, to exist?

What do you intend to shift to allow that into your lives now?  What is it going to take for you to fall madly in love with your life?  To hear yourself acknowledging ” Oh my God, I really feel this love I have for myself and others and it  feels great!  And I’m going to do it again and again because I want more of it.”

For some the best, most flavorful ingredients have settled to the bottom of the bottle.  Shake it up.  Shake yourself in whatever way it takes so that you know, beyond a shadow of a doubt “I taste love without conditions and it tastes so good”!


Becoming Impervious to Fear

In this forest of
illusion, words are grown
from the same rich soil.

Fight or flight or

The old answers have come around again, begging me to let them in.  But their hands shake and their eyes are empty.  Their time has come and gone.  They are not the one I have been waiting for.

I notice loneliness only occurs when I look in the undesired direction.  It is actually a recall of the feeling everyone experienced as we separated from Source in the centripetal movement into these lower worlds, as we left the heavens.  It had purpose in that part of our journey, but not in our accelerating return into unified reality.

All life is empty.  And we are mirrors of the emptiness of reality, and this is the greatest of gifts.  But in what direction are we pointing the mirrors of our beingness?  If we point our awareness in the direction of the illusion of the world,  the waste, the savagery, the self-centeredness, we taste a meal of meaninglessness.  But if we point our reflective being in the direction of the infinite, we experience emptiness shift into spaciousness.  Into freedom.  Into flight.

How ingenious are our physical bodies that allow us the taste of emptiness only after the heightening contrast of orgasmic pleasure.  How even more so are our emotional bodies that allow the experience of spaciousness only after a passage through emotional pain.

“Once you see your nature, sex is basically immaterial. ”   Bohdidharma

Because our true nature is already at emptiness.  But the path to knowing the emptiness of all things is strewn with our resistance to the realization that it can’t be owned, can’t be possessed, can’t be determined, can’t be controlled.

Some now call for “disclosure”, the dropping of veils. Well, aren’t we already there?  Doesn’t the darkness sit side by side with the light everywhere we look?  We can no more unsee it than the Creator can unsee its beings of violence side by side with its beings of love.

Some forget that ‘as above so below’ is also a commandment.  It is a call to us to clear the mirrors of our being so that we reflect the higher into the lower.  And it happens not to us, but through us.

Fight of flight or flight?  Emptiness has no fear.  And it cannot be outrun.





Gathering Power from the Past

Regardless of what
we regard, life comes and comes,
one breath at a time.

Questioner: Are we developing new muscles that will lead to new abilities?

Akashic Guides:   Hey!  You have wings!  You forgot you have wings!  That means you are learning to fly again.  You are learning how to wiggle and use them, asking, “How do they work again?  What am I doing with them?

     It becomes an exciting aspect of your journey, asking, “Wow, where can I take off from here and where can I go from here?”  And with the next set of DNA-crystalline structure that you are anchoring into your being as light, you are asking, ” What can I do with this?  How can I share this more and more?”

Questioner:  Is it true the ego hides from the Now, that it likes the sense of past, present and future so it can hide in that sense of separation?

Akashic Guides:  The ego loves the tug-of-war, Dear Ones, and you are in the middle , your awareness is in the middle when it comes to the sense of time between past and future.  As a result there is a continual sense of being dragged, literally, in one direction or the other, which is even a part of the sense of “I am running out of time”. I’m being pulled forward into a future I forget that I’m in the process of creating and co-creating in each now moment.

And so it’s now the ego’s job to take a backseat while you rest and listen as you gather and pull your personal power and forces into the center of your being,  gathering your power from the past through awareness.  You may have heard of of this as ‘recapitulation’, where you take that which you have scattered about, before you and behind you, and you recollect the truth of who you are now, so you can dissolve the stories that no longer support your pure presence.  Then allow yourself to swim ever so gently and gracefully forward, like you would be doing the breaststroke.  And meet and greet what is before you with grace and ease, for its also right there in front of you, all that you need to know, all that you need to do and all that you need to be.

Questioner: So no more 5-year plans?

Akashic Guides:  Forget adding time to your creations.  Decide what you want to create and let go of the time aspect of the creation.  Then, you get to stay in the joy of its evolution through you, as you.  The truth of you.





When in the Night

When in the night
you see the light
and the sound around you curls,
you find a doorway and a door
and  a key to secret worlds.

And you might look back wondering,
should I stay or should I go?
But the winds from nowhere
to nowhere blow,
except for the one wind
that calls from within
in a voice you must follow.

Can we trust the wind
to let us in
as we shed all skin?
Will it be so kind
as to undress our mind
and every sense
of unintelligence?

I do know this,
a kiss of bliss
from the Angel’s lips
changes everything.



The Call of the Here and Now

The stars are snowing
and the softest flakes of light
land upon my tongue.

I have heard the call of the wild, the promise of the not quite real.  I have been lured into countless lands of phantoms and chased miracles and mirages, forsaking and breaking all for a glimpse of the beautiful ghosts who whispered a name that almost might have been one that sounded similar to another that seemed to be possibly mine.

I have been the seeker.

I have known the haunting kiss of the just out of reach, just over the horizon, just a moment away.  The eternal dance of the ‘if only’.  I groomed my muscles into lifetimes of strength, preparing for a contest that I knew was coming to test deep and ancient tendons and tensions of my being whose only destiny was a life and death struggle with the perfect beasts that hid in my shadows.

I have known the broken heart and quarter moon that brothered in the night, hoping for their missing parts to fill with a little light.  I have hurried sundown, turning my back on deserted days of never ever enough.  And still I sought.  And fought.  Thought after thought after thought.

Until, exhausted, I tripped and fell into the moment.  And even exhausted I could feel my surprise at being truly welcomed.  And well.  And home.

There is much talk about ‘going local’.  But why stop there?  What is at the heart of anywhere you ‘find yourself’ but the sacred?

I didn’t expect my light body to emerge the way it did.  It came from behind, momentary bursts of soft, silent, fluffy light.  Visible in the sides of my vision, and then gone.  And then again.  And again.  And again.

Has the incredible here and now been right below my nose the whole time?  I realize it doesn’t really matter if I ever get the answer.  It is here now.  It is all that is here now.  And ‘all’ covers a wondrous amount of territory.

Care to explore the quantum door?  Simply divine the Earth and unearth the divine. They dance so well together. And  we can cut in at any time.


The New Language

The me.  The I.  The
heart at birth.  East of here and
due north.  Remember?

As I slow down to the speed of love I notice myself sliding across the surfaces of words, slipping into crevices of light and dark, tasting their flavors and smelling their scents in a continually new way.

There’s a very clear channel from Australia who was challenged by one of her listeners about using the word ‘bless’.  This listener contended that the word bless has hidden within it the secret message to ‘be less’.

There is no word so high that the lower mind can not compel it to do its bidding.  The lower mind does not do anything new.  It simply fragments unity.  It can’t help itself.  So when it hears the word ‘bless’ it fragments it into ‘be less’ with the silent statement being  ‘be less so that I can be more’.  And this indeed feels like a blessing to the lower mind.

What if we woke in the morning and no words came to mind?  Not a single one.  Only a slow circulation of images and the soft feeling that came with them.   Who would you be?  Would you be less?  What if you found the images held more freedom?  More awareness?  More reality?

The lower mind has had its way with the world.  And it’s had its way with words.  Given its way, it rapes realities.  And the offspring of these acts know only disconnection.  Separateness. But as we move at the speed of love just upon waking, a healing takes place.  An action of the whole, the all that is within us.

Our breath is there.  Feeling is there.  But only a few word emerge, following in the wake of the images, not in front of.  They are far less compulsive. Far less powerful.  Our will is there too, but it moves with ease and grace.  No compulsion anywhere.  Only slowly do we realize we are navigating in the space of love of our own heart.

As more and more individuals pull away from the dominance of the third dimension, more and more words will appear that leave room for this kind of navigation.  Words that know their place and purpose and telepathy becomes second-nature.

A blessing indeed.