Mastering the Practice of Joy

Weapons of Mass Instruction

Heal ego only
in the laboratory of
your higher self.

Can you remember the first thing you resisted about yourself, in yourself?  When an atom is split it creates a mushroom cloud a mile wide.  And then radiation, a zone of the dead.  When you were split, what about yourself did you kill?

As we drop and leave behind the weapons of war, we reintegrate more and more of our own vast being.  The ‘good, the bad and the ugly’  and the gunslinger in the empty desert are perceived for the mirages they always were.

As the prodigal feelings rush in from all directions, the wizard behind the curtain loses control of the virtual realities he has been creating.  We feel exposed by the reality of our own magnitude, discovering an embarrassment of riches in the middle of the smallest event.  And it can feel very uncomfortable to our cherished beliefs, the ones we hold so closely we confuse them with who we are.

But, because we’ve laid down our weapons of self-war, we feel safer and safer slowing to the frequency of love, a frequency that rides on and through the waves of these forgotten emotions.  So we can bear them, these vibrating tendrils of sentience that we had silenced so long ago.  We begin to allow in greater and greater ways.

To those who hold to their own lethality, nothing of what you are experiencing makes any sense.  The gunslinger is still coming for them across the desert of their own radiation, recycling a reality that clings to them as closely as a cherished belief.  But even they now begin to wonder why, no matter how many times they kill the gunslinger, he keeps coming.  A mirage, after all, is an ‘alternative fact’.  But it is still a mirage.

We are in the first stages of experiencing this dimension of time and empty space as truly mirage-like.  New levels of self-love are adding more and more clarity to our vision.  The illusions of the good, bad and ugly are giving way to a new and vibrant lushness in whatever we encounter.  An embarrassment of riches.

Can we love ourselves in the confusion of this cosmic embarrassment?  As the blood rushes to our face in the surprise of new discoveries, can we love our vulnerability even as we dismantle the cherished beliefs of ages?

In one sense or another, aren’t we all coming out of the closet?  The party of the heart is open to everyone.  Wear only your best.  And you need not leave the party.  Ever.