Horses of Light

If you wake in the dark
and it fills you with fear
because you see something
that looks like an ear,
and that’s not half as bad
as the mouth that it’s near,
you don’t have to rush,
you don’t have to worry
as long as you turn
on the lamp in a hurry.
But the lamp doesn’t work
so what do you do?
You reach for the light
that is nearest to you.
We are the ones who decide what is true.

I wrote the book “Horses of Light” after I encountered my 3 year old son calling into the darkness after he slept walked to our front door and opened it in the middle of the night. I wanted to share with him how he might upgrade his feelings out of the fear he was experiencing.

As the old structures fall away, and even their blueprints dissolve, aren’t we all being asked to upgrade our beliefs now, again and again, in search of ‘horses of light’ that we can trust to carry us on the next leg of our destination, whatever that might be?  So what do we trust as the untrustworthy seems to reveal itself at every turn?

When I listen to my breath and allow myself to then hear my breath, I find it carries me out of the energy of others and back to my own. Often, only then do I realize how much I was ingesting of their reality and how it blocked the flow of my awareness. Like light, breath always flows. Shouldn’t we too?  Even as we wake in the dark aren’t other senses awakened that gently hint at new beginnings?

Questioner: Is it like Space Mountain, a roller coaster in the dark, where you can’t see anything but you can hear everybody screaming behind you and next to you and so you know you’re not alone?

Akashic Guides: And you are being excited. You are excitable, which is a good thing. You’re alive and you’re being excited. ‘Oh, there’s a star! There’s a big star and it’s lit up over there! Oh, my goodness, what’s happening over there? And then there’s another one and there’s another one.

So even though, Dear One, there is this vast amount of darkness and unknown from point to point , allow the points that do shine to radiate bigger…longer…more. Forget them not. Do not let them sink in your awareness.

And pull back so you can see more. See all of them as much as possible. See all these points of light, all these horses of light, all these joyful experiences you have had and you are to have because they are there. They are here.

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