Horses of Light (cont.)

Just reach for the light
as it falls from the moon
and wrap it around you
like a cocoon.
The mouth and the ear
will disappear soon.

But you’d better be careful.
You’d better take care.
Moonlight on some nights
is as soft as a prayer.
It may have you sleeping
way into the morning
when your friends will be waiting
for you to be there.

But on some nights the moonlight
is just not around .
And on one night
you hear something
thumping the ground
outside your window
and your window’s not down.

And you want to jump up
and run to the door.
But to get to the door
you have to get on the floor,
and that means dangling your toes
over the edge of the bed.

And though you’re afraid,
you’re not out of your head.
Toes are much safer under
the covers instead.

But you don’t have to hover
under the cover
because your ears hear
some dumb noise that scares you.
You can make a sound too!

We are the ones who decide what is true.

You can take your own sound
and spin it around
the tip of your tongue
until it’s as strong
as any song ever sung.

The something that was thumping
won’t hang around long.


Fundamental to the shift into high consciousness beyond the reach of duality  is our ability to access our own heart frequency.  But about this , like Jon Snow, don’t we “know nothing”?

Akashic Guides: We invite you, Dear One, to drop into your heart space.  That space of love that beats in sync  and in harmony with your divine self.  That safe space that beckons you continuously, without end.  It can be heard.  It can be sensed.  It can be known.  You are it. And it is you.

Breathe deep, Dear One, this space of love and let it fill you.  Let it first fill your lungs and move in and through your physical being at the cellular level.  Invite it into all of you.  Invite it in as you.  And move it out beyond the physical you into the field that radiates beyond, merging into another color, another spectrum, another light, another aspect of your beingness… the part of you that touches  parts of others that feel too, that sense too, that see too.

Call forth the exquisite essence of that which resides there, that which feeds and nourishes your heart and releases and lets go that which does not.  See this magical energy of your essence radiate even further to the farthest corners of your mind.  How far is that, Dear One, for you are limitless?   And so we invite you to split the infinitive of infinity and ‘go boldly where no one ever has’.

Your horse of light knows the way.



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