Heart Language

Can we unsay the
contract of unconsciousness
with a sleeping heart?


In the dream a few days ago I was sitting with a female partner, looking out.  Suddenly a hole appeared in the sky that filled with swirling orange and yellow light. At first I thought ‘how beautiful’ but then it swiftly expanded, overwhelming the sky.  I raced to get behind a building, reaching for my partner but she just sat there, the sea of energy approaching behind her.

Only in contemplation later did I realize that she represented my higher self who was quite comfortable with the flooding of light (and all it implied) that I felt the need to race away from.

Questioner:  How can we, especially speaking for myself as a male, perceive my feelings more clearly?

Akashic Guides:  Turn up the volume.  Turn up the flame.  Feel!

      For so long, Dear Ones, the separation of the male/female dynamic creates this major parting of the seas when it comes to the emotions.  And one side looks to the other and says ‘Oh’, and the other one responds back ‘Oh’.

     For the males, Dear One, honor the female’s ability to feel.  Observe her closely, for even if you cannot understand her at all times, is it any different  for you?  You see, the lack of expression does not necessarily get you any closer to understanding than the perceived over-expression.  But if you choose wisdom, then you can recognize the level of emotional expression that is just right and speaks volumes.  And you may begin to practice what you perceive and understand to be faithful to ‘your’ emotions.

When gathered with friends, women may speak up and say, “Well guys, if you’re really so good at judging a woman and what she’s emotional about, then you need to be good enough to figure out where the real emotion lies.  We invite you to see,’there it is’.  That’s what she’s really feeling.  I care enough.  I’m close enough that I want o know.  I love enough and I want to touch that emotion she carries.  I want to experience, know and interact with her there and because I know it and I feel it, I can see it.  I ask to experience and express it in me because I am that good.”

Questioner:  The abusive male dominance in our society is now in the news every night.

Akashic Guides:  Perhaps, turn the word ‘society’ off.  Then you get to be in yourself and through yourself expressing a higher understanding out into the world.  So, Dear One, in this shared appreciation and understanding of what is true and your willingness to be in and one with that truth being your truth, it assists in creating the whole.  It creates balance between the male and female, for as she is understood the emotional override comes back into balance within her. 

As you are both honored and understood for the true emotion in you by your beloved, you both need not to be more or less than what is true within you by your willingness to step into the truth of all of you.

And that, Dear Ones, is ‘heart language’.  And that is what is being called forth by the headlines in the center of your attention.






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