The Spiritual Tool of Fear

What is left when all
the world disappears except
its intensity.

Questioner:  Is it important for me to accurately describe for myself something that is causing me continuing discomfort?

Akashic Guides:  Be sure you have a release valve, Dear One.  Your knowing the point of the need to release is a major part of your journey because once you identify,  you recognize, you feel what it is that pressures you,  you can say, ” now I can let that go.  Or you can let it go first, before you even have to deal with it.  Wouldn’t that be better?’

By taking the hand of your soul you’re going to sense a field of trust even while being in the state of the unknown.  The days of flying blind in the winds of change are over for those in conscious relationship with their deeper selves.

Questioner:  I’ve been struggling with anxiety to the point where I’ve not been comfortable  even meeting others in public places.  How do I deal with this?

Akashic Guides:  Ask it , Dear One, to speak to you.  Give it a voice.  “What would you like to share with me now?”

Questioner:  Does one need to try to be without fear or is fear needed to balance the love and learning?

Akashic Guides:  Many use fear as a tool to come to know love greater.  It is not necessary but many use it.

Questioner:  In my experience anger and fear have been motivational.  I’ve used them to take my self out of depression.

Akashic Guides:  Again, it is a choice.  And many who do choose anger or fear are not aware that, even then, it is towards love they travel. 







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