What Will It Take?

Gripping a corner
of me, I pulled my insides
into the outside.

Questioner:  Is it becoming more and more important to see that our fives senses are not enough?

Akashic Guides: In truth, Dear One, it is not enough to live within the realm of five senses, nor has it ever been.  It is a desire in you, and it is shared by many, that one ‘awaken’, for there is a knowingness beyond this veil and by diving into and tapping into the sixth sense brings forth greater clarity, clearer living and a more purposeful and fulfilled experience.  But that is not to diminish the experiences that are being had.  It is not to say that that which is experienced in life is inappropriate and unnecessary, for it is and has been for many.

Now there’s a new horizon.  There’s new opportunity.  There’s a new way of being and doing that is available.  It is accessing that aspect of yourselves that you’re looking to do.  You want to speak of the now and 2012 was certainly an opening.  It was a portal of movement beyond the comprehension of most humans, whether they be now or even the great scientists and seers of the past.

     The Universe has tricks up her sleeve and it is going to hold some extra goodies in there for you.  It is not always that in the revealing of what is to come it is always the best, because what if you could make it better?

Go to the idea of free will.  If we were to say, “Here is what will happen …”, then you can’t make it grander because you will set your sights at that level, not higher.  How about instead  picturing the most amazing, outrageous , incredible, wonderful potential that you could possibly imagine?  No limitations!  Step out of the physical suit, this make-up that you have agreed to, so you look naked.

Are you ready for all mankind to be abundant?  Are you ready for all womankind to be fully present in her power in each and every moment?  What in you are you ready to release so that these truths, which are indeed truths, which are indeed realities, to exist?

What do you intend to shift to allow that into your lives now?  What is it going to take for you to fall madly in love with your life?  To hear yourself acknowledging ” Oh my God, I really feel this love I have for myself and others and it  feels great!  And I’m going to do it again and again because I want more of it.”

For some the best, most flavorful ingredients have settled to the bottom of the bottle.  Shake it up.  Shake yourself in whatever way it takes so that you know, beyond a shadow of a doubt “I taste love without conditions and it tastes so good”!


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