Seeding the New Economy

Can we unsay the
contract of unconsciousness
with a sleeping heart?


Questioner:  You mentioned the ‘two-tiered economy’. Can you elaborate?

Akashic Guides:  What is important , Dear One, to share about this concept is that it is an idea in the political arena of the ‘haves and the have-nots’.  So there is this concept of separation.  There’s this concept of lack.  This programming that ‘I can’t have and other’s can have’ and visa-versa or ‘only if I get this will I be ok’.  There are many thought combinations , word combinations that have created these jail-cells of beliefs.  The opportunity inherent in the two-tiers is that those not of the highest echelon of monetary income have a duty to themselves to create the environment of their world as they deem important and appropriate for themselves.

Those who do have wealth are not necessarily separate from this experience, for who will wash their cars and mow their lawns, who will support their wealth if they isolate themselves? 

The rest of you are looking to create a reality that affords an experience that is desirous by ‘all’ so that even if those of these higher echelons recognize and realize “Hey, that’s where it’s at’, ‘that’s what I really want,’ instead, they too are invited in.  Thus it is not repeating a separate and separating state of being again.

Questioner:  Many now are left out of the economic system, the community of abundance.  How do those who “have not” make their way?

Akashic Guides”  :  Dear Ones, it’s about finding energetic matches, those who are interested in shared said experiences, and thus it’s about putting feelers out.  And one of the drawbacks that has caused many past attempts to fail is that the creation was done in such a definitive way that it left little wiggle room and little creativity to be more than its originating concept and foundation.

Questioner: How would you define this community?

Akashic Guides:  Like-minded, like-hearted, but most importantly, with the potential to expand, and by expand we mean, Dear Ones, putting in place a simple system.  Once complexities start coming in, things start to be hidden and motives start to be driven and self-interests start to be birthed and even nurtured.  There is a calling forth for checks and balances, for the checks and balances help in the process of ascension into the next dimension, out of the 3-D consciousness of ‘me’ into the 4-D consciousness of ‘we’.


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