Releasing the Minds of the Scientists

The old ways become
such slippery slopes.  Remain there
at your own risk.

Questioner:  Because of our lack of awareness in the past there’s been much environmental degradation.  It’s affected the atmosphere, life in the oceans and on land.  Will we ever be able to restore the earth?

Akashic Guides: When the minds of certain scientists are released they will create resolutions to these problems. They’re working in laboratories, for the universities, for the governments.  And yet their minds, their dreams, their desires are dedicated to to wanting to create resolution, saying “I know water”  “I know the biology of the planet and the ecosystem and I want to be working on that”.  And as they release the information they are gathering , these solutions will be coming forward into the light of day. 

However, many think they are ready for the planet to be pristine and beautiful and perfect and believe they are ready to walk around in a state of love and peace.  And we say to you, Dear Ones, what comes up?  As we invite you to visualize and imagine being there in the experience of that state of peace, what comes up in the pit of you.?

Questioner:  Fear of a loss of purpose.

Akashic Guides:  That is what you need to work on and release.  Each of you will have your own internal answer or answers and “that” is the peace that is being asked for within you, for it resides there first.  All your answers reside within and unfold outwardly.  As within so without.

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