Becoming Impervious to Fear

In this forest of
illusion, words are grown
from the same rich soil.

Fight or flight or

The old answers have come around again, begging me to let them in.  But their hands shake and their eyes are empty.  Their time has come and gone.  They are not the one I have been waiting for.

I notice loneliness only occurs when I look in the undesired direction.  It is actually a recall of the feeling everyone experienced as we separated from Source in the centripetal movement into these lower worlds, as we left the heavens.  It had purpose in that part of our journey, but not in our accelerating return into unified reality.

All life is empty.  And we are mirrors of the emptiness of reality, and this is the greatest of gifts.  But in what direction are we pointing the mirrors of our beingness?  If we point our awareness in the direction of the illusion of the world,  the waste, the savagery, the self-centeredness, we taste a meal of meaninglessness.  But if we point our reflective being in the direction of the infinite, we experience emptiness shift into spaciousness.  Into freedom.  Into flight.

How ingenious are our physical bodies that allow us the taste of emptiness only after the heightening contrast of orgasmic pleasure.  How even more so are our emotional bodies that allow the experience of spaciousness only after a passage through emotional pain.

“Once you see your nature, sex is basically immaterial. ”   Bohdidharma

Because our true nature is already at emptiness.  But the path to knowing the emptiness of all things is strewn with our resistance to the realization that it can’t be owned, can’t be possessed, can’t be determined, can’t be controlled.

Some now call for “disclosure”, the dropping of veils. Well, aren’t we already there?  Doesn’t the darkness sit side by side with the light everywhere we look?  We can no more unsee it than the Creator can unsee its beings of violence side by side with its beings of love.

Some forget that ‘as above so below’ is also a commandment.  It is a call to us to clear the mirrors of our being so that we reflect the higher into the lower.  And it happens not to us, but through us.

Fight of flight or flight?  Emptiness has no fear.  And it cannot be outrun.





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