Gathering Power from the Past

Regardless of what
we regard, life comes and comes,
one breath at a time.

Questioner: Are we developing new muscles that will lead to new abilities?

Akashic Guides:   Hey!  You have wings!  You forgot you have wings!  That means you are learning to fly again.  You are learning how to wiggle and use them, asking, “How do they work again?  What am I doing with them?

     It becomes an exciting aspect of your journey, asking, “Wow, where can I take off from here and where can I go from here?”  And with the next set of DNA-crystalline structure that you are anchoring into your being as light, you are asking, ” What can I do with this?  How can I share this more and more?”

Questioner:  Is it true the ego hides from the Now, that it likes the sense of past, present and future so it can hide in that sense of separation?

Akashic Guides:  The ego loves the tug-of-war, Dear Ones, and you are in the middle , your awareness is in the middle when it comes to the sense of time between past and future.  As a result there is a continual sense of being dragged, literally, in one direction or the other, which is even a part of the sense of “I am running out of time”. I’m being pulled forward into a future I forget that I’m in the process of creating and co-creating in each now moment.

And so it’s now the ego’s job to take a backseat while you rest and listen as you gather and pull your personal power and forces into the center of your being,  gathering your power from the past through awareness.  You may have heard of of this as ‘recapitulation’, where you take that which you have scattered about, before you and behind you, and you recollect the truth of who you are now, so you can dissolve the stories that no longer support your pure presence.  Then allow yourself to swim ever so gently and gracefully forward, like you would be doing the breaststroke.  And meet and greet what is before you with grace and ease, for its also right there in front of you, all that you need to know, all that you need to do and all that you need to be.

Questioner: So no more 5-year plans?

Akashic Guides:  Forget adding time to your creations.  Decide what you want to create and let go of the time aspect of the creation.  Then, you get to stay in the joy of its evolution through you, as you.  The truth of you.





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