Synchronizing Heart and the Third Eye

The scent of lilac
blooms for just two weeks.  Divine
feminine essence.

Questioner:  I am having to leave behind an expensive investment I no longer have feelings for.  Can the Guides say something about the process of the unification of consciousness?

Akashic Guides:  Mankind has been walking upon the earth, spreading seeds everywhere, so it has allowed for a cross-culturing across this expanse, learning and knowing and sharing. And what you speak of, Dear One, is this time of harvest in your way.  And many on the planet, although not all, are pulling in their resources.

And what does one do?  What does the farmer do during harvesting?  They throw away that which is inedible, that which they cannot digest or will not.  Are you doing this?  You are looking at your harvest, assessing it and from that what do you decide?  What other ingredients do you need?  What other people?  What other tools?  What other knowledge?

     And so, it is not that one is an island amongst other islands, never interacting.  Instead, there is in that way cross-culture seeding.  It is a time to focus but the new focus today is from the heart-space out.  Many are used to using their eyes or the eyes of others but now your heart and your third-eye are synchronizing.

Questioner:  So how can we learn to trust in that vision more and let go of the old form of trust, the trusting of the ways of the past?

Akashic Guides: Discernment.  Have your prior decisions based on your past served you?  And when we say “served” we mean did they assist you?  You came to a conclusion and based upon that conclusion made a decision.  And so now you are willing to leapfrog in between and leapfrog once again in between to ask  ” Was I aware enough and truthful enough with myself to assess, to see what was truly happening before I created a conclusion, before I created a decision based on that conclusion?”

   Many of you know that as belief creation….’now based on this I know that’.  And based on that belief (that you are mostly unaware of) you choose this, you do that.  Often you’re lost in choices and decisions, not knowing where to land to feel safe in your landing to then make that next choice, that next step, that next decision.  So why not be willing to leapfrog in between the beliefs/conclusions/decisions to assist yourself to be truthful about what was?    

    What you are truly asking is ‘what within me can I trust?’  So if you scale the individual, the ego is down pretty low and the Soul is pretty high.  When the ego is deciding without the Soul’s input you can say any decision is pretty low on the scale.

  The desired action would be to move up the scale.  To move up in trust of one’s Self requires diligence, requires a continuing asking of oneself what does one want to experience.  And then, the trust of one’s Soul steps in, for when you find the best decision you could make and it brings you to a place you’re not happy about, it is time to ask ‘what do I need to know, Soul?’  For rest assured , in that moment, in that decision and that place had you chosen this, this or this, the same experience waits for you.

You want to be able to say, “Okay Soul, I surrender it to You.  Not to this situation, not to my fear, not to my misunderstanding, but to You.  I trust there is a greater plan and surrender my resistance to it” .   Thus whatever is below the surface does not sabotage you in some way, which happens often, Dear One, to the spiritual pathfinders, the lightworkers and truthtellers and you need to know it need not.




One thought on “Synchronizing Heart and the Third Eye

  1. WOW! THIS WAS REALLY NICE TO LOOK AT AGAIN 🙂 So much stuff Doug for me to learn! Still am and good to see my progress 😉

    Blessings, Kelly S Jones 919-200-8686

    Feng Shui, Akashic Records, Christ Light Transmissions & Soul Prosperity Process



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