The Pause that Refreshes Everything

The wall undresses
into a window that knows
only innocence.

So how do we extend our stay in the Now?  How do we finish with the rabbit runs of future worries and past pitfalling?

In the third density of the third dimension we can find ourselves in a situation where it’s hard to “catch a breath”.  In the sub density of the Matrix, this is even more true.  More and more, as the great transition accelerates, we’re finding our breathing room only in the presence of the present.  Every other relationship to time is tending to cramp, isn’t it?

So what is the new oxygen?  What will determine whether we hold onto something or let it go?  What will resonate with meaning and significance and what will fade?  What will we experience as reality and what myth?

The great ballet dancer Nijinsky was asked how he stayed up in the air so long.  “It’s simple”, he answered, “I jump up, pause a moment, and then I come down”.  In his statement he was pointing to the fact that when he danced he was bending the belief that others held, that what goes up must come down.  In the same way we are bending our relationship to the agreement of  Time by moving intentionally into the Now again and again.  But how do we expand this freedom?

We learn to use the force of appreciation in greater ways, our focused heart attunement to people, places and things.  We slow to listen to a deeper layer of reality revealing istelf.  The deeper we go into appreciation the more we realize the Now and the Golden Age are one and the same.  We are all becoming Van Goghish, without the suffering.  We don’t so much as ‘pay attention’, as we play with  attention.

Sacred Geometry, for instance, is not out there somewhere.  It is all around us.  In the flowers.  In the snow. In the water.  In our breath.

“Now is where Love breathes”.  Rumi

Suffering is a relic of the old dimension we are now transcending.  It is not a truth.  It is only the result of layers and layers of broken agreements.  With appreciation we heal these agreements and the ones who made them.  We complete the cycle of experience so we can leave it.  The force has always been with us.

So why not give ourselves permission to linger in the whispers of the Eternal.  Reality has an amazing tale to tell, for those who are able and willing to pause and listen.


“There is nothing more important in this time of shift than the continual awareness of one’s own energy field.”



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