Getting Real

The difference between
a truth and an agreement
confuses many.

I’ve listened to the conversation of others speaking of the two paths of spirituality- ‘service to self and service to others’  (made famous by the Law of One books).  Generally the conversation ends with an agreement of sorts that service to others is the best way to go.  But I find something is left out in the dialog.  If service to others is to the mind of the other, where is the benefit in that?  If we are not serving the godness in others are we not doing a disservice to self?  And isn’t it necessary to first recognize something of the godness in oneself so that we can recognize the godness in the others we are serving?

According to the ancient rishis there are four paths to the Divine and service is one of the four.  There is also love (bhakti).  There is also wisdom (jnana).  There is also creativity.  And all four contain some of the substance of all four.  The river of God widens the closer we approach.  It is filled with unbelievable spaciousness as it encourages every effort made in its direction.

As we play with time, we continually choose between service and servitude.  Each choice is like a page in the old kinetoscopes, that as one flipped the pages an action formed and took on life, creating a story.  If we slow down and look at just one page, there is only possibility.  And if we slow down even more, we find the page is blank.  Meaningless lines on paper.  Without significance.

We lose interest and put the book down and notice, for the first time, the title ‘The Essence of the Lower Nature’.

When we let go of the auto-identification of the need for answers and questions, a pure, new world shows up everywhere, as Heaven delights in the miracle of its slow unwinding in the container of our consciousness.  We personify Eternity’s fascination with duality as It dynamically releases the confusion of illusion through us.  Getting real often looks like upheaval.

Is it possible to vomit up a dimension that is no longer digestible?  Aren’t we already in the process of asking without asking, listening deeply for signs and wonders to feed the stranger knocking at the door, knowing that nothing in our cupboard will be enough to feed his hunger.

So pick a path.  The ancients offered four.  Just remember, you are doing it because the God in you is asking.  It loves company, wherever It can find it.  As long as the deal is real.  So let’s ‘get real’.  The diamonds of divine design are hiding in plain sight everywhere and anywhere, for those who choose to move at the speed of  love.

No one’s keeping us from that pace, and the days of flying blind are over for those who have truly met themselves.



“There is nothing more important in this time of shift than the continual awareness of one’s own energy field”.     


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