Digging in shadows
of what I thought was me,
I found just nothing.


Let the moment overwhelm you.
Let it drag you under.
The cry in their eyes burns through your being
from the inside out.
Your heart a drumming thunder.

You will never be the same.
You have been called to this moment.
It alone knows your name,
for you have been unknown and unspoken,
unloved, unloving and unwoken
until the gift in the kiss of another’s pain
released this deepest sleeping beauty
locked away everywhere.

You will not escape unscathed
the fire burning through your dreams,
the roar of truth approaching
through the aging, fading scenes
of all that you have ever known.

That was never the intention
of the mystery of you.
The dance of masks is over
as the intensity of the immensity
takes your hand
and leads you through.




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