Wrestling with a Frequency

The coat of your brain
has grown too tight.  Take it off
and feel your freedom.

I watched a heartfelt movie last night called “Lighthouse of the Orcas” (Netflix). It’s a story of an autistic boy who is coaxed into the world through the relationship of a man and the orcas who saved him.  As the movie ended, contemplating on the disembodied state of autism, I had the thought ‘what if I’m dead and just don’t realize it and everything I’m experiencing,  including my perceptions of my body and people in my life are merely projections of what I’m holding onto?”  I could feel the infinite worlds draw tangibly closer but still just out of my reach.

As I went to sleep I noticed my mind running in an unusual way.  It was as if it was running on its own, spinning and spinning thought after thought of unfinished desires, broken agreements and gut-wrenching loss.  As I realized it wasn’t listening to me , I wondered if its blind running was also something I carried with me out of the body.  As I checked myself I knew this wasn’t what I wanted.  With another part of my mind I began to chant “God is love”.  As I synchronized my breath with the mantra, I could feel the wheels of my mind slowly shift gears from one frequency, a frequency of great discomfort, to the calm knowing of my greater being.

Perhaps I will encounter that powerful, disembodied churning of the mind again.  Perhaps not.  But I know I feel greater compassion now for those locked in themselves, with no seeming way out.  No ability to find their way back to love.  The riddle of the heart has so many layers for so very many.  I’m grateful that I know when I see the ripples of resistance on the waters of others, the wind is also near, filling the emptiness with the whispered promise of ‘choose again’, ‘one can always choose again’.

To simply move to willingness is an act of greatness.

5 thoughts on “Wrestling with a Frequency

  1. Cool post. I’ve had a feeling on more than one occasion that I’m living parallel lives – in fact, I am almost sure of it, though I’ve not teased out this feeling in years. I’ve not wondered if I were dead, but then, what is life, really, but a series of holographic projections onto the individual or collective physical universe. Ah, the quantum questions … 😉


    1. Exciting, isn’t it. To be witness to our own dematerialization. I think the collective is now being focused on autism because, in a way , it’s also autistic, disconected from reality , only with better coping skills. May orcas be in all our futures. Haha

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      1. Yes, I love your comparision to autism for the current collective. Disconnected is right on. I just reread your post, as I do when someone responds to a comment I’ve written. Reading it again today and it’s really a brilliant, heartfelt reflection. I’ve had similar states of being, mind going on, and Greater Mind choosing the higher road. I also love that you said well, maybe it will happen again, maybe not. And that you’ve developed greater compassion for those who are ‘locked in themselves;’ yes, me too. This is why it Does happen, at least in my experience – we are not trying to force it. My husband just had a dual reality out of body/in body yesterday, and he’s a grounded, grounded individual! Hasn’t had an experience like that in years.

        Speaking of orcas, I had a dream one time – and you’ve brought that back into memory. I actually remember blogging about it, but it’s been awhile. So I got to revisit the journey again – thanks for that! Aloha, and Peace ❤

        If you're curious: https://belasbrightideas.wordpress.com/2012/08/03/whale-rider/


  2. Beautiful dream beautifully described, Bela. You definitely have a whale by the tail, and I think your husband is coming along for the ride. lol. The whales are known as the record-keepers and for them, humans are an open book. Perhaps, they’ll let you read a little more if you ask? : ).


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