The Call of the Here and Now

The stars are snowing
and the softest flakes of light
land upon my tongue.

I have heard the call of the wild, the promise of the not quite real.  I have been lured into countless lands of phantoms and chased miracles and mirages, forsaking and breaking all for a glimpse of the beautiful ghosts who whispered a name that almost might have been one that sounded similar to another that seemed to be possibly mine.

I have been the seeker.

I have known the haunting kiss of the just out of reach, just over the horizon, just a moment away.  The eternal dance of the ‘if only’.  I groomed my muscles into lifetimes of strength, preparing for a contest that I knew was coming to test deep and ancient tendons and tensions of my being whose only destiny was a life and death struggle with the perfect beasts that hid in my shadows.

I have known the broken heart and quarter moon that brothered in the night, hoping for their missing parts to fill with a little light.  I have hurried sundown, turning my back on deserted days of never ever enough.  And still I sought.  And fought.  Thought after thought after thought.

Until, exhausted, I tripped and fell into the moment.  And even exhausted I could feel my surprise at being truly welcomed.  And well.  And home.

There is much talk about ‘going local’.  But why stop there?  What is at the heart of anywhere you ‘find yourself’ but the sacred?

I didn’t expect my light body to emerge the way it did.  It came from behind, momentary bursts of soft, silent, fluffy light.  Visible in the sides of my vision, and then gone.  And then again.  And again.  And again.

Has the incredible here and now been right below my nose the whole time?  I realize it doesn’t really matter if I ever get the answer.  It is here now.  It is all that is here now.  And ‘all’ covers a wondrous amount of territory.

Care to explore the quantum door?  Simply divine the Earth and unearth the divine. They dance so well together. And  we can cut in at any time.


2 thoughts on “The Call of the Here and Now

  1. I have had many quantum moments throughout my life. But I cannot – nor would I want – to ‘will’ them into being. I believe the Sacred is just that – nothing to be courted; only to be waited upon with grace. If I’m in perfect alignment – and how many times does THAT happen – it’s there. But it’s always there, waiting for me to drop and drop and drop until it’s what is left at the bottom or at the periphery just beyond the illusion of consciousness. It simply Is. Amazing grace.


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