True Lies

Tumbling in the stream
of consciousness, a bubble
shows me which way is up.


In the stock market there is an index of volatility called the VIX.  When the future of corporate profits becomes uncertain, the VIX index increases.  The chatter increases as the future becomes less predictable.  The distance between facts and rumors of facts thins in response to the demands by those who place their bets on an outcome that favors their desire.  Patience becomes ‘patients’ searching for help to heal the unknown.

But then,  the icebergs are truthfully melting.

As we learn to discern the truth of ourselves, we no longer need to play Diogenes, holding a lantern up in the middle of the day as we seek an honest man.  We learn the art of becoming predictable in the face of the unpredictable by honoring honesty at a deeper level than previously.  We develop a taste for it, so that things once ingested without a second thought may taste off.  Finding the flavor of honesty in our own energy field, we can’t be fooled again, unless we choose that.

Yes, the icebergs are melting.

‘Fake news’, ‘alternative facts’ and lies are part of the shadow play of the mental dimension.  They do not exist at the elemental level, the level from which our bodies are created.   Allowing an element of fire, earth, air, water or aether (prana) to filter emanations from the external world is simple, as soon as we acknowledge and take advantage of the gift.

I like to use the element of air through my breath.  I breathe into a statement and if it sinks rather than floats, I know I need go no further.
For those who prefer fire, this element reduces an appearance to the cinders of its core substance as they still their attention and separate it out from the enmeshment of imbalance originating out of tail-chasing thoughts of for and against.
For those who prefer earth, this element shares the harmonic realities of the natural world.  If none of these are found in what is proffered, their senses gracefully move them away into another part of the wood, where silence weaves a web of spaciousness.
Those who choose water as their filter, flow around the challenge and, like water, they move in the direction of freedom rather than the stagnant pools circling near shore in the illusion of security.
Lastly, those inclined toward  aether search first for the presence of the universal in the situation, knowing that ‘as above so below’ rings true on all levels, except the unreal.

The icebergs are indeed melting.

The greater truth always supersedes the lesser, even when denied by those invested in high-value shadows.  If you want to see what is ‘really happening’ more clearly, I invite you to look at it through another dimension.  The past is being undone.  The volatility is increasing.  So what will you buy and what will you sell, and what will you give away?

The refusal
of the refuse
in use
is al.       Or is it?

Or is it just a ‘fuse’ waiting to be lit?  How else do mountains get moved when the glaciers go away?




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