Let Come What May

In the confusion
of the chaos winds I now
know to just sit down.

As the hard memories visit, the experiences of ‘tooth and nail’, both mine and others, I am invited again to the eternal tournament of gain and loss.  The challenge is forever shape-shifting from opponent to opponent, from age to age, from appearance to appearance.

The assault on the 3-fold flame of my inner heart is relentless.  But so is the arising of my breath.  Even in the most dire of times, when my adamantine flame seems to have been reduced to a mere pilot light, my breath feeds the fire, tirelessly.

Unless I allow without conditions, I find myself moving into disallowing particles of my experience.  The tooth and nail memories require my allowance, insisting I give them their harsh right to speak their stark truth.  And, for a moment, they do.  But then my breath rushes in, fanning a tongue of loving fire in the middle of their moment.  Combusting them.

Fanning the fire of our 3-fold flame calls in and anchors the 3rd strand of our DNA.  Using our breath to weave this third strand into our cells recalls our original  body,  a physical translucence with roots in everything.

Our 3-fold flame consists of the 3 petals of love, wisdom and power, and they are joined at the base, located at a point just below and behind our physical heart.  As I wake and feel my breath moving , I send the words ‘wise I am’ circling on my breath along the right petal.  Then I send the words ’empowered I am’ circling on my breath along the left petal.  Then I send the words ‘ love I am’ circling on my breath throughout the central petal.  Then I merge them and merge with them.

Gradually, I send this spiraling force into the multiple cells of my body, cradling the DNA in an embrace of attention in each cell requesting, my long lost children of light.

Let come what may.  I greet each moment in the strength of the fields of my own unfolding power, an ancient musical silence in my ears.

I am my own way.  As are you.  Even the shadows grow pregnant with new birth.




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