There Once Was

There once was an angel
who walked upon the moon,
when east was east
and west was west.
Looking and looking
for the season of soon
through parks of dark
and gardens overgrown.
Looking and looking for
what she had always known
she would one day find
in the eyes of the mind
and the hearts of the wind –
the unsaddened words of the forgotten one.
‘Come in.  Come in. ‘
‘I have been waiting and waiting
and wanting and wanting
for always and always
only you.’

‘You can not bring
the thousand things,
the dust of the earth
and the rags of kings,
the broken songs
that no one sings of
the hundred gods and
their wanderings.
You can not bring
a shred of these
nor anything but the only thing
that breathes and breathes
through the seething leaves
that never rest
in the void and voyage
of the branching trees
moving east and west
under the kind and blinded sun.
‘You are the one and only one in everyone.’

‘Come out.  Come out
wherever you are,
out of the bleeding unceasing din
circling through the first earth scar
on your journeying skin
from the demented dimension
that selects regrets and forgets
that, taken to the nth degree,
anything less
than love is a form
of  insanity.’






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