The New Powers

A miracle is
watching the unfoldment of
one’s own consciousness.

So, the new powers arrive in the middle of the old.  I find the dissolution of an old power,  such as a belief I held against myself, is often easier to recognize than the new strength uprooting it.  Perhaps because the new strength always brings with it new territory.  An expanded level of being that is , at first, hard to discern because it matches and marches with little of the past.

The potency of words would be a good example.  In their old power, all words would reach me, whether beneficial or not.  Now it’s as if a  shield has been added to the outer edge of my aura that allows some words in but excludes others.  It doesn’t block harmful words and sentences totally, but instead, at that barrier point, they are transmuted into mere sound, stripped of their intent and intensity.

My force field is with me.  When I look more closely, I play with this new power as my breath in the form of a lightsaber, warding off and blocking any assault, effortlessly.

The appreciation and comprehension of animals is another deepening power.  It moves to quench the maddening thirst of loneliness that humanity is so prey to.  Children innately acknowledge the attraction and friendship of life force with life force.  The haunting spell of aloneness is vanquished by the potency of our care for the natural world as we allow ourselves to see the life streaming all around us through the plants and animals, especially in gratitude for those we ingest.

Animals are also teachers of telepathy.

The energy shield of ‘detachment’ defeats threats before they even near me.  It seems to imbue me with ‘enhanced vision’, the ability to see things without the smoke screens of the ego.  Thus, the paths that open before me tend to be the most welcoming, cleared of the superglue of judgmental thought that trips and traps so many.

Some powers have created the need for others.  Experiencing the exaltation of the power of ‘touching heaven’ had the strange result of diminishing so much else in my life.  But I learned I could empty the emptiness by positioning my attention out of the nothingness of the past and future, and into a space of love in the Now.

Another power I use is the ability to enhance the light of the Sun.  If I rip open my chest with both hands while facing the Sun, like Superman ripping open his shirt  and revealing his true identity,  I can feel the strength rippling into my heart and through my body in a warm flood of feeling.  And the light carries with it ancient codes of empowerment.

It’s not surprising to me that there are more and more films of down-to-earth individuals with super powers.  Our deeper consciousness is calling them forth for our consideration, not so much the particular powers, but the presence of the heroic within us as the old world cracks and craters.

Isn’t this the one we’ve been waiting for?   Flame on?



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