Clash of the Akashic

Let us make ourselves
naked to each other, one
layer at a time.

Though possible through hypnosis, meditation and other means, it is not easy to perceive one’s own subconscious energy field.  And yet, like a vast shadow, we carry it with us everywhere we go.  And , to a large extent, it directs our steps.

Our subconscious has its own library, called by some akashic records, a database of everything we’ve ever experienced.  Not many noticed but humanity jumped school systems on 12-21-12.  It went from adolescence, flunking some classes, to adulthood. High school to college.   And with the new school  came new libraries with new policies.  Suddenly what was not permitted to be accessed, was.

The pages of broken bridges of cause and effect began to reassemble in startling ways.  In a world of dominant duality, truth is a double-edged sword and search engines are a mixed blessing.  Not only can a particle be in 2 places at the same time (quantum mechanics), but so can a truth.

But what if the context is different?  What if a truth appears the same consciously but is experienced very differently at the sub-conscious level?  For centuries and centuries everyone’s akashic records were their own and ‘privacy’ was considered fundamental.  It was a high schoolish time-out zone,  but now that time, as we have known it, is running out and an etheareal light has been switched on revealing everything inhabiting the shadows, WTF?

Of such is the madness of the Matrix.  It was built on the witchery of secrets and subterfuge.  As I become more and more transparent and translucent through my own forgiveness of myself and others, I find the past shrinking in my rear-view mirror, not through denial but simply because it has completed its purpose in my trip.  It is the limitless power of forgiveness that enables me to embrace even the ‘unforgivable’.

As we encounter the unforgivable of the world in the days and nights ahead, the first response of many will be to look away.  The crimes committed in the name of everything under the sun have no answer, no resolution.  They serve only one purpose in our energy field now, the creation of the mysterious elixir of compassion within us.

No one knows where it comes from nor where it goes to.  Nor need we.  Our role seems to simply be its receptacle.  But the gift we receive as a result of the encounter is a taste of transcendence that alters everything.

And we come to understand that truth is that which once experienced, try as we might, can never again be denied.  Never again be unseen.  It leaves a scar that penetrates down and through the membranes of the self, shining like a bone of  a new body.

We don’t start over.  But we do start anew.  The air we breathe now is introducing new timelines for our consideration, each slightly different.  All responsive to the shifts between the songs of our desires.  Catch your breath.  Listen.  And then let it go.

All life is naked to the heart.



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