The New Language

The me.  The I.  The
heart at birth.  East of here and
due north.  Remember?

As I slow down to the speed of love I notice myself sliding across the surfaces of words, slipping into crevices of light and dark, tasting their flavors and smelling their scents in a continually new way.

There’s a very clear channel from Australia who was challenged by one of her listeners about using the word ‘bless’.  This listener contended that the word bless has hidden within it the secret message to ‘be less’.

There is no word so high that the lower mind can not compel it to do its bidding.  The lower mind does not do anything new.  It simply fragments unity.  It can’t help itself.  So when it hears the word ‘bless’ it fragments it into ‘be less’ with the silent statement being  ‘be less so that I can be more’.  And this indeed feels like a blessing to the lower mind.

What if we woke in the morning and no words came to mind?  Not a single one.  Only a slow circulation of images and the soft feeling that came with them.   Who would you be?  Would you be less?  What if you found the images held more freedom?  More awareness?  More reality?

The lower mind has had its way with the world.  And it’s had its way with words.  Given its way, it rapes realities.  And the offspring of these acts know only disconnection.  Separateness. But as we move at the speed of love just upon waking, a healing takes place.  An action of the whole, the all that is within us.

Our breath is there.  Feeling is there.  But only a few word emerge, following in the wake of the images, not in front of.  They are far less compulsive. Far less powerful.  Our will is there too, but it moves with ease and grace.  No compulsion anywhere.  Only slowly do we realize we are navigating in the space of love of our own heart.

As more and more individuals pull away from the dominance of the third dimension, more and more words will appear that leave room for this kind of navigation.  Words that know their place and purpose and telepathy becomes second-nature.

A blessing indeed.



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