The Riddle of the Id

Allowing my heart
to feel all buried beauty,
I shrink my shadow.

Like most children, I unconditionally loved my parents.  So, if unconditional love is the way of enlightenment and ascension, why did my parents take it in the other direction?  Because take it they did.  And what happened to the waves of love I sent out that never returned?

And how and why should I trust it now? Through the eyes of an adult I can see now how shattered my parents were by the Second World War.  How needy they were of anything that resembled the smallest portion of love.  And how that neediness never ended.  How that feeding continues all around us, especially in the desperate desire for the warm blanket of money.

The world teaches us only a fool loves that which doesn’t love him back.  ‘Look what happened to the god who tried it’.  (snicker, snicker)

Being left on the shores of a reality where love is in very short supply, the most powerful, though deeply disguised, desire of everyone is to be loved.  And so love is rationed between the deserving and undeserving.  Who wants to run out of love because they’ve given it all away?

Welcome to the Riddle of the Id, a puzzle we must solve if we are to evolve.

The puzzle is impossible to solve if you try to get ahead of it.  You can’t solve it from the end because you are looking for a quality that embodies endlessness.  Unconditional love, after all, is love without end.

So where do we start?  Perhaps with that most powerful of desires, the desire to be loved.  Why not give it to ourselves.?  And give it.  And give it.  Regardless of what appears, we maintain a posture of unwavering love towards the one we experience as ‘me’.  And so we discover we no longer need to seek love outside ourselves, from anyone.

Thus we become a magnet of our own polarities, and magnets do not run out of power, do they?  Magnets endlessly ‘love’ themselves, laughing at the law of entropy as they transcend dimensions.  As we can also.  In fact, only through this movement of mastery can we then fully love another, free of all dependency.

What a great place to start, as one riddle ends and another begins.  Once we acquire the ‘look of love’ and cast that look in our own direction, answers throw themselves at our feet, revealing a Universe that has been waiting patiently forever to play with us.

Tag, you’re it.



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