The Unmaking of a Belief

We are only here
to experience the gift
of what is not yet.

‘I thought I had transcended an unwanted past experience, healed it, left it behind…but my dream woke me up and told me otherwise.  It had the audacity to walk me right back into it.’

The key to dissolving a belief intentionally is simple but not easy.  One must surface love in the middle of the presence of what feels like its opposite.  In the middle of grief.  In the middle of hate.  In the middle of fear.   The retrieval of love into the states of its apparent abandonment completes the purpose of these hard emotional sub-realities.

Because you have acknowledged and allowed unconditional love into the script of your consciousness contract, you have freed it to perform in the middle of all conditions.  The fact that it is pointed at you often adds the element of surprise.  This is merely a sign that your higher self has caught your attention.

One form of unconditional love is unconditional attention.  If you can give any unwanted experience or memory of it your ‘undivided’ attention, you initiate its transmutation from that which was to that which is through a spiral of intent.

If you can not feel the shift, simply add more breath.

Truths are what are held to at the deepest levels of a belief, and beliefs are the foundation of the Matrix.  On a world level the shift we are experiencing is akin to what people experienced in the 1600’s when it was confirmed that the earth was not at the center of the solar system, a God-confirmed truth until then.  And this was a shock that electrified the sphere of thinking, allowing it  to change into a new belief system.

Now we are learning that our personal, subjective consciousness is at the center of our universe and it is filled with quantum potentials.  And it is through the ‘shocking’ events of the world that we are being assisted to transcend the old paradigm, the old belief system that is looking more and more threadbare.

And like a dream in the middle of the night,  it can  feel pretty damn rude.  Like a child demanding our attention.  Until love responds.

So, I say, bring on the shocks. Love eats them for breakfast. Would you like some honey with that?  What is the flavor of your new truth?

Just make it delicious.


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