A candle casts a
thousand shadows and none can
comprehend the light.

There is a well-written blog, by a druid no less, with thousands of  followers who ended his last post with the statement ‘ history does not play favorites’ to make his point, perhaps forgetting that history ‘always’ favors the belief systems of those who write their version down and quickly burn the rest.

History, being a creation of the ego, always plays favorites.

As one president exits and another enters we are seeing history being written and rewritten right in front of us.  And we are seeing it play favorites.  It loves playing favorites.

The mass consciousness evolves very, very slowly.  But evolve it does.  An example of this would be the way nations now are forced to come up with a reason why they have initiated a war, such as the ‘weapons of mass destruction’ of Bush or the ‘lebensraum’ of Hitler.  In the distant pasts of the Mongols and Spartans no reason was offered.  No one felt the need.  War was war and most likely a source of pride and to the victor went the spoils and that was just that.

And yet war is still with us.  The horrific pain and countless losses have not been enough to wake the Collective.  The enemies change.  The weapons change.  The justifications change.  The centuries change.  But the business of war has never been more profitable.  Many are thrilled their investments go up.  Their kundalini vibrates like ticker tape.

The collective consciousness of the world is invested in the ways of war.  How then can it possibly ascend?  How can it transcend its own shadow self when it has no desire to do so?

The Matrix is the bubble chamber between our individual energy fields and the energy field of the mass consciousness.  The chamber is built of words and pictures and attitudes in a continuous state of flux as a result of the dynamic relationship between our self and the collective reality, which is also ever changing.

Many are entangled, not in their energy field nor the mass consciousness, but in the bubble in-between,  a vesica piscis of the 3rd, 4th and 5th dimension.  And there is no way to escape this entanglement through thoughts that themselves are constructs of the Matrix.

Upon the death of each of us, this bubble chamber collapses, but our individual and  the collective energy field do not (though we leave the collective energy field behind).  If we are to evolve it becomes essential to recognize the difference between these fields and the freedom that comes with that recognition.

History is a sorry substitute for truth, crippled by what it leaves out.  It has always been a source of fake news.  That it is now in the headlines is simply our deeper selves calling to us ‘Wake up.  Listen!  You are much better than this.  Much, much better.’

The in and out of you breath are drum beats to the  different cadence of your energy field.  It carries the voluptuous beat of unconditional love.  As the world is called to dance to its own lower nature in its slow tango with the spirit of evolution, the choice before us becomes clearer and clearer between the fake and the real.  And the choice is yours.

Just do it.






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