About the Inauguration

Because the world is
not made of answers, questions
can be left alone.

I used to wonder why so many petty, mean-spirited people got ‘ahead’, running large companies and even governments.  A quick glance at the world confirms this.

I find it easier to thread this needle if I start with ‘all things are true’, a statement that lightly pushes one above layers of duality.  Even things that are deemed false are true in their falseness.

My father’s truth was that ‘it  is all about the money’.  And he lived this truth.  It brought him clarity.  And all of his actions sprang from this baseline belief. His universe aligned itself to this belief , validating him.  Resonating with him, and he could prove it by the envy he found in others.

Once when someone asked him about his children he pulled out his wallet and, as the credit cards dropped down, said matter-of-factly, “These are my children”.

And he was being truthful.

Now the nation has chosen to test this version of truth.

My friend, Karin, a nurse, told me about an 84-year old patient of hers who, as she was being admitted, complained of extreme pain.  But because they found nothing on the x-rays, the doctor refused to give her any pain medication, claiming she was just ‘drug-seeking’.  This went on for a month, with nurses trying to help this sweet lady with cold packs and whatever else they were allowed and the doctor continually refusing, even though she pleaded for relief.
Finally, they did a second x-ray and found they had missed 2 breaks in her hips.  She died 1 day later.

As I felt this story circulate through me, I realized how difficult it was to stay in non-judgement and not hate this doctor and his casual indifference to her suffering.

But I wasn’t there to cause a difference, was I?  That moment had passed without me.  What was before was my friend, who was there, relating her experience, her truth to me in the here and now.  And I, remembering to ‘lean toward the light’, could offer my friend my energy field, not to drill the experience deeper into her memory, but to allow it to align with another frequency, a kinder one, a frequency similar to the one she offered to this patient in her last days of experiencing the deep contrast embedded in her life.

My breath assisted.

As these next few days move ahead I encourage you to attend to only what shows up in ‘your’ energy field.  It’s simple to discern what is yours and what is not.  If you feel the pull of ‘for and against’,  measure the influence against the speed of love.  How do you recognize that speed?  Well, there are many ways, but perhaps start with this truth, it is free of all doubt.

Keep the doubt out.

Your energy field with thank you.  It is naturally drawn to greener pastures.  And it fears no evil.  The light tastes so much better.  And the horses of your heart know the way on this path of truth that is and has always been ‘truly’ yours.

If you find yourself holding your breath, let it go.  After all, all is well.

As we hold the focus.




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