Don’t fool me into
thinking I am someone and
you are someone else

In March of 2011 my friend Kelly Jones and I decided to open the akashic records of everyone attending gatherings we called ‘Akashville’ in Asheville, North Carolina.  About 30 people would show up with questions about everything from relationships to health issues to world events.  When one person asked in late 2012 what would happen on 12-21-12, the Guides responded that ‘one tone would be placed in the center of the Earth that had never been on the planet before’ and that it would lead to the unfolding of every other grid.

Over the course of a summer I distilled these transcripts into 124 dialogues that became our book, ‘Akashic Records Soul Dialogues’.  Compiling the book, I noticed 7 tools or steps* emerge that repeated and shone with a gem-like quality.  I also saw how these steps parallel the Path of Awareness Chart Kelly and I had created for a presentation at the Cayce Institute in Virginia Beach previously.

Hearing the wise words of Matt Kahn that ‘concepts without a practice remain just concepts’, and finding myself on my friend Karin’s Morning Light Farm in Wisconsin in the dead of winter, I then simply opened a ‘window of heaven’ and this transcription poured through.  I deeply enjoyed it and appreciate how these 7 gems continue to shine brighter and brighter, assisting the process of unraveling the cocoon of outworn consciousness. Hopefully, you do too.

1- Slowing down to the speed of love
2- The medicine of breath
3-  Unconditional non-judgement
4-  The avatar of forgiveness
5-  Mastering the practice of joy
6- Embracing the spirit of play
7-  Downloading gratitude






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