You can’t unmake the
hard paragraphs of this world
with words .  Set them free.

Getting the lion to lay down with the lamb is difficult, if not impossible, as long as the lion thinks its a lion and the lamb a lamb.   Clearly the only gratitude at this point would be the lion’s as it licks its lips after a good meal.

Memory holds the tempest of the third dimension in place around anchor points of pain and fears and hunger.  They are the ‘real’ in that reality and no one can tell us otherwise.  But once forgiveness removes the fangs of memory, the deep, sharp experiences of the past, the form of love known as care begins the healing process as a dis-intensification.  Simply by shifting and shifting our attention point, the hurt softens and finally dislodges.

Energy, sooner or later, follows intent.  Once the intent is allowed to clarify.

If the attention point is shifted enough, that awareness neutralizes into phases of forgetting.

The stage just before this forgetting, when entered into self-consciously, reveals itself as the presence of gratitude as we stand between two worlds, echoing with the reverberation of final farewell as the energy of the memory is reabsorbed into the universal field for re-purposing.

As the memory is emptied, the vacuum it leaves is filled by an uploading of grace into its location, even when its footprints are not detected.  The manifold repetition of this process  in one’s energy field is the pathway of ascension, one vortex at a time.

A human body, such an amazing way to hide a god.  How could we not be, we who with each breath inhale the essence of stars and the magic of creation?

Within your sacred heart, situated just behind and below the physical organ lies the 3-fold flame with its petals of wisdom, love and power.
From your right into the right petal breathe in the words ‘ I am wise’, and then pull the breath into the center of your heart.
From your left into your left petal breathe in ” I am powerful’, then pulling the breath into the center of your heart.
From behind you into the central petal breathe in ‘I am love’, then pulling the breath into the center of your heart.
Repeat and repeat.

(End of step 7)


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