The coat of your brain
has grown too tight.  Take it off
and feel your freedom.

Like forgiveness, gratitude is not something we do.  Can you try to be grateful?  You can, but that can be very trying and others will be grateful when you stop.

Gratitude emerges from a realm of mystery.  In some parts of the world and some parts of our neighborhood, it is found on the list of endangered species.  These regions honor their traditions above all else, especially ‘an eye for an eye and tooth for tooth’.  “Vengeance is mine’ sayeth the ungrateful, not realizing gratitude would fill the basket of their impoverishment at the rate of their allowance.

Science has left little room for ‘the mysteries’ and even less for mystery schools.  If you know everything it’s so hard to know even more.  Unitl an Einstein appears, or a Tesla, or a Planck.  Perhaps, the tree of science, like the tree of freedom, needs to be watered again and again by the blood of the tyrants of the past, the superstitions that never echo with gratitude in the lives of those affected by them.

The mystery of gratitude releases the spell of time, collapsing it into the isness, nowness and hereness, like a veil over our vision dropping, seeing it like Elliot ‘as for the first time’.  The more time we build into our experience, the less we see anything as for the first time.  And isn’t this the purpose of seeing?

Is it safe to live in a world of mysteries?  Well, no.  Definitely not for those who insist on tugging along their backpack of fears.  Only the brave, bold and adventurous can have in their lives god-consciousness.  As for the meek, they inherit the world.  And that can be uncomfortable when the world itself turns mysterious.

But the heart is a champion athlete of parts unknown and sheds gratitude in all its achievements.  And there is no scarcity of standing ovations.  Would you like one?  Listen.
Your breath has never stopped clapping.  And never will, in this dimension or the next.  It carries molecules of mystery.


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