I woke to laughters
of light as the sun stroked the
belly of the dawn.

Laughter is a special kind of musical breathing.  It’s percussion hammers on the stagnancy of thought that is no longer supportable, breaking it up so it can be reabsorbed by a universe that wastes nothing.

Gratitude sometimes uses laughter to widen the aperture of the window of heaven.  Laughing at ‘nothing’ is frowned upon by some, but encouraged by the few who have experienced how hilarious heaven can be.  Released from the pathos of the world, laughter can enable the downloading of gratitude as it shakes and unmakes the world of words.

A smile, when genuine, also signals the soft presence of gratitude.  It is the mastery behind the mystery of celebrity, as they wordlessly announce an ounce of ‘all is well’ to many needing that message.  But better smiles can be found on the faces of primitive cultures, especially children, if yours is lacking.

Better still, can you find a smile in your breath?  Here too, allowing the uplift of your breath to lift up a smile, especially for no particular reason,  can engage hidden gratitude.
If it requires a reason because your smile approaches your on-duty thought center as it creeps up your face, perhaps command your brain to be ‘at ease, Soldier’.  Your smile comes in peace.

The animal and plant kingdoms carry within them the promise of gratitude.  Because many have been blind to their service and sacrifice, they miss the blessings flowering everywhere in the natural world.  Demonic forces haunt the aethers around ‘factory farms’,  drawn to the frequency of blood-lust.  That these dark horsemen then ride into the world spreading the infection of murder and war is classified by the lower mind as mere fantasies and fiction.  These too are then re-purposed and sold like bacon to the undiscriminating.

Rather than thanking a distant lord, if we thank the ones on the plates before us who give to us their all, we will feel our resonance with Gaia grow and reveal more and more of the New Earth to us, for us and with us.

At the center of the sun is a tunnel of infinity.  If you gaze at the orange sun at rise or setting and open your breath, the point of infinity at the back of your heart connects to the point of infinity in the sun.  It is, among other benefits, a source of nourishment, chemicalizing vitamins, minerals and enzymes that your body will be grateful to you for.

Words are the mind’s attempt to control reality by taking pictures of it.  Sometimes referred to as ‘understanding’, the specific words we individually choose are ‘selfies’, reflecting the viewpoint we have fashioned to filter the infinite through.  If we choose words that lean toward light, paths appear that we could have sworn were not there ten minutes ago.

Slowing down to the speed of love is a shifting of the gears of our awareness as we begin to synchronize with the much vaster amplitudes of heaven.  The nowness, hereness and isness of the moment signal the last vestiges of our shift from particle to wave form.   As boundaries are shed, barriers lifted and vision expanded exponentially, we encounter the exquisitely welcoming frequency of relentless grace that gratitude has been carrying behind its back, just waiting for the perfect moment to offer to us.  There is nothing artificially intelligent in the creation of this  bouquet of the flower of life.

And no artificial colors or flavors either.


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