Few noticed the soil
singing as the engines of
history shut down.

Little is known about the act of gratitude because it is an animal  of higher frequency and, like dolphins, swims in streams that empty into the ocean of love and mercy where few remember to visit.

Gratitude, at its most expansive, is the term given for the fused vibration of nearly all experience when viewed through one’s spiritual eye and heard through the soft beat of a sacred heart.  It is the nourishment our core beingness comes to this planet to harvest, the wine that completes the meal of our lives and deaths.

Because the velocity of unbound moonlight is one of the speeds of love it can be utilized to travel the distance it takes to remember by those who allow themselves to wake up.  To hold a memory in the gales of light brushing the planet hones the power of the heart if the frequency of the memory is keyed to the rate of gratitude for one’s experience.

The ninety percent of our breath that moves through our subconscious incubates our memories to distill their essence in the best possible way.  To listen through our conscious breathing allows us to sip from this drink of recognition as we allow the still, small voice to be heard above the din of this overloud dimension.

Like the eye of a hurricane, true stillness resides in the center of the moment and is greatly respected and sought after by those on the path of wisdom.  Words, more often than not, obscure the trail.  But breath, being a brother of the wind, knows the secret the hurricane hides.

Humanity has always been attracted to its secrets, but because its secrets are secret it forgets its greatest secrets are disguised as the sacred.  Gratitude unlocks that door too.  Easily.  With the greatest of ease.

The works of the still, small voice are buried in the foundations of the civilizations of the world.  But because the secret is that the whisperings through the window of heaven can never be buried, the civilizations crumble instead.  To be grateful as a civilization crumbles around you is a special power of the breath that can be enhanced with one’s gathering attention.

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