I welcome this dance
of dimensions with masters
and angels and whales.

‘Play’ and ‘wonder’ and ‘telepathy’ share bandwidth.  They are higher fourth dimensional activities expressable in the third dimension.  They are in our future, if not our present.  Now that we’ve messed with time, we’re opening our eyes to the play of ‘potential’ and ‘possibility’ and the exhilirating roller-coaster ride that comes with that. Both the potential and possible have no off-switch.  Straight lines become an infinite affair.

Play is quantum activity as it draws outside the lines and delights as it does so.  It takes pleasure in erasing the hypnosis of the need to be serious, the spell of dullness so often binding and blinding the adult.  The lower mind is confused by play, so commits to competition instead, missing the great opportunity that confusion offers.

It’s true you can’t get ‘there’ from ‘here’ because there is already here.  If you don’t get that it’s because you’re not playing.  Play softens the barriers that, until now, were enforced against trans-dimensionality, including the compulsion of logic.

With a little breeze,  pure imagination transforms the trampled-on rug of the ‘ordinary’ into a flying carpet that can carry one into the wonderful.  Breathe again and it offers the wind that excitedly floats a rectangular box of metal, wood and canvas into the air at Kittyhawk.  Breathe again and it blows Ben Franklin out into the rain to capture the marvel of lightning in a bottle.  Breathe again and we become a god joyfully exhaling into the lungs of the first man on earth.

Imagination is the heart-generated lubricant of the higher mind as it plays in fields of limitless vibration.

Loosed from the downward pull of matter, play and imagination irresistibly embrace in acts and actions of spontaneous love-making.  And they make beautiful babies. And that kundalini is a wild and crazy guy playing hide and seek with nirvana.

We can free ourselves from the downward pull of denser realities by allowing our attention to our breath to center us in more and more of the present-filled moment.  The present moment is always at play.

Thus, memories  move through us at the velocity of unbound moonlight.  And, like a whale breaching, our deepest remembrance explodes upwardly, exploring the taste of the scented tones of a living sun setting and a golden gate left open.

‘Play’s the thing to to catch the conscience and consciousness of the king’, within our energy field.  And his toys are everywhere.  In everything.  Especially in the tumbling jungle gyms of our DNA.

(End of step6)



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