How do you know you
are clinging to an illusion?
It will exhaust you.

Though pain insists otherwise, death proves your body is imaginary.

To a great degree it consists of only the same empty space as your dreams and the entire physical universe (just ask a scientist).  The sensation of pain is also fundamentally nothing but nothingness.  Paradoxically, this is the source of its purpose and our great challenge.  Pain is a  master of separation.

(But remember what the haiku said about approaching a paradox.)

Pain is the ultimate sorcery of the third dimension and it hunts and haunts both love and play.  When we allow pain to cast a spell around our heart center it transmutes into suffering.  As long as we hold the perception of space as empty instead of a sea of spiritual energy , we hinder ourselves moving from a fearful relationship with pain to a loving relationship with play, in all their forms.

The illusion of pain is held in place by the automatic acceptance of the speed of your thoughts.  It is the sleight of hand of the negative power that holds the collective consciousness in its thrall.  By slowing down to the speed of love in our own energy field we become the child who, unlike the adults of the town (who were busy listening to the  ‘authorities’), sees that the emperor is actually naked.  What’s often left out in the telling of the tale is that after the child revealed the truth, all the adults of the town began to find the time to unwind and play more and more.

We are now seeing the emperors of the world are all naked pretenders.  It invites our judgement but this too is only the sleight of hand of the lower forces and does nothing to dissolve the hold of pain.  But our attention to our breath with loving intent leads to the balancing of all things, including the third and fourth dimension within our field.  If you love royalty and feel the need to fill an empty throne why not let it be your breath?  It is only here to serve you, like all true governance,  and will only lead to your enrichment.  Play with that a bit, your highness, if you choose.

All timelines are not of the same size.  As we approach one, it enlarges.  Why not choose a playful one?  The choice is yours and presents itself again and again.  Those who have gone out seeking absolute truth have come back empty handed.  But in the barren, empty ground between one understanding and the next, they paused, entranced by the sound of children laughing.

Breathe in while hearing the words ‘I am happy’. Breathe out.
Breathe in while hearing ‘I am healthy’.  Breathe out.
Breathe in while hearing ‘I am free’.  Breathe out.
Repeat and repeat.
(This is especially good to share with the rest of the world on the out-breath if you wake in the middle of the night.)


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