From relationship
to relationship we carve
and carve our heart.

The appearance of the female in the life of the male and the male in the life of the female expands the play ground into new vertical horizons, both higher and deeper, and then the quantum fun begins.  Enchanted secrets whisper from all directions as vibrant emotions take on new and elusive meaning.  The song of our evolution teases us into gardens of our body and feelings and a beauty we never assumed possible.

Through this appearance the unknown enters into our lives at the deepest level and draws close to the membrane of forgetfulness through the light touch of play.  We sense we are allowed to enter a new level of intimacy with life and its forces.  Mysteries unmystify momentarily as new ones arise.  Stimulations of the body in the middle of the night, often with no apparent cause, underline the body’s processing of higher frequencies.  And this too is play.

The permission we have given to the male and female elements of our own being to crystallize and complement each other, assure us of the protective vibration of harmlessness (ahimsa).  And thus play remains play, free of the constrictors and constriction of the jungle and judge.  Play transcends the laws of the jungle and purifies the shame of the shamans.

The play of the male and female dances in our breath, the in and out of the giving and taking of divine love.  How romantic would the world become if each breath we took was also a kiss?  Kiss and tell, the world is listening with baited breath, hahah.

It’s no coincidence that many adults only allow themselves the full freedom of play around a sexual event.  This for them is an experience of release as much and sometimes more than the actual climax.  For anyone holding back, chant to yourself ‘permission granted’.
Play, in its purest form, is non-stop releasing.  In a dimension of non-stop change, the synchronization of the two is true health, vital as the grids open around us.

Physicists in their labs all over the world are being stimulated by the uncertainty principle.  Aphrodisiacs every where. Who knew?

The next time you engage in a sexual event, move to the speed of love and bring your breath first.  You have permission to consider it a threesome, if that tickles your fancy.





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