We are all magic
wands and our heads radiate
a marvelous light.


Keeping the secret of joy is much like keeping the secret of God.  The really great secret is that neither have ever gone anywhere but here.  They both live and thrive in the hereness, nowness and isness.  Don’t tell ‘anyone’.  Anyone’s just not listening.  But someone is.

As you clear your energy field, you automatically begin to perceive the energy field of others more clearly.  And as this occurs you find that their energy field will announce clearly how much of the secret they are willing or able to hear.  It’s all in the variable music of frequencies.

All life is naked.  We live in a time when secrets undress themselves at the velocity of surprise and cause and effect moves toward instanteity.  The law of attraction becomes ethereally sexy and transcendently fun.  Indeed, the heart wants what it wants.

Once we uncover and allow the frequency of harmlessness to permeate our being, all kingdoms welcome us.  We can wander where we will because harmlessness transmutes into innocence as the lions lay down with the lambs within us.  We have a golden ticket, bypassing all destinations of harm as we harmonize with life in all its forms, whether familiar or strange.

As our energy fields clear to this level, talents emerge in service to exciting agreements long forgotten, plans of dream-like promise.  It becomes easy to call forth the gifted talents of centuries.  They become second-nature, and third, and fourth.  We begin to enjoy amazing ourselves, and sharing that amazement.

Love visits and stays.

(End of step 5)

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