What a fine voyage,
infinite possible winds
cupping tomorrows.

Joy mutes the perception of time, therefore has a youthing effect.  Joy makes one younger.  In fact, one way to recognize the initial appearance of joy is a sense of timelessness.  Feeling lighter, in both senses of the word, we seem to float in the moment.
Boundaries dissolved.  Wind-born.

Joy is not an emotion.  It is the ground from which emotions spring and the unification of all emotion once retrieved from the pockets of our lower nature.  By following  joy we close the broken circles of our experience.

Joy is at the interior of the exterior wave of love.  Because there is so little love in the world, there is also little joy.  This is exactly why masters of the past often retreated to cabins and caves and mountain tops.  Joy is extended through valuing it, even if it requires being alone.

The unicorn, with single-focused spiritual eye, is the symbol of the elusiveness of the quality of joy as it hides in the forests that are rarely found.  Its loss is what the wolves mourn in their plaintive calls.

Mastering the practice of joy is recognizing the instant the instant turns against you and turning to breathing ‘love in, love out’ until it turns back.  Any and every moment is worthy of your notice, and every word must pay the price of admission into your energy field.

As the mind releases its hold in the purification process of sleep, awareness can become volatile.  Move to the window of heaven and taste the fresh air of your breath and intent whenever the feeling arises.

There is nothing you need do for joy to arise but there is much you need not do and mastery comes with the dawning recognition that you are in the middle of that when you are in the middle of that.

As your ‘comfort zone’ is pulled into the spotlight and undergoes interrogation feel the strength that lies beneath it.  Let its muscles stretch you and find pleasure in that stretching , a yoga of the emotional body, because you can take marvelous shape if you let your breath and joy be there too.

Breathe in the word’ Joy’.
Breathe out the words ‘I am’.
Repeat and repeat.



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