What is left when all
the world disappears except
its intensity?

Joy exists in our lives in exact proportion to the dissolution of the fear of death.  Just as joy is the unification of all feeling, the fear of death is the thought-calcified denial of all feeling.

It’s no coincidence that many who have had a NDE (near death experience) remember it as the most joyful experience they’ve ever encountered.  Why not have one yourself?

Laughing in the face of death elates everyone who has tried it.  Why do you think that is?  It is, after all, your death.  You have that right.  You have that freedom.

Freedom is not a concept but a state of consciousness and laughing in the face of death definitely comes with that territory.  But, just in case you’re concerned, he will not mind.  Death loves having his face laughed into (as long as one comes with a harmless heart).

Once you laugh into death’s face you can laugh anywhere.  How nice does that sound?  If your answer is ‘not  very’, you have not been paying attention.  Three golden coins of compassion, please.  Pay up.

If you find yourself slipping from joy into bliss, close the window a little.  Bliss is not a good listener and there are still things that need to be heard.  The world is listening and needs your joy, in the best way you find possible.

It has been said ‘the wise say less and less about more and more’.  Could it be they’re just too busy breathing in and out their joy?  It could.



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