Can we unsay the
contract of unconsciousness
with a sleeping heart?


Joy is.  Frequencies are.

Each are purely composed of the primordial material of sound and light.

It can be detected by the bloodhound of the heart.  It is wise to pause when its scent is detected to breathe it in deeper.  And deeper. Aren’t we all, after all, hounds of heaven?

Taste it.  Even a little goes a long way.  If you have two heads it’ll last all day, and we have far more than just two.

It arrives winged in love.  That is why this path of breath and intent is so vital, to clear the ancient grime off our wings, a grime so ground in it is often difficult to float the belief that what I am saying is possibly true.  How can we trust it?

Perhaps start with ‘why’ should we trust it?  Well, it tastes delicious.  When we eat a great meal, no one has to tell us if something indescribable is happening in our mouth.  We instantly recognize it and want more.  The frequency of joy tastes ‘unbelievable’.  It is not a belief.  It is a frequency, a pure frequency.

Joy numbs the lower mind.  Not having the ability to taste joy, it questions.  ‘What is the big deal?’ it says, standing on the lip of the infinite with its eyes closed.  Let it, your lower nature,  be.  You will not find what you are looking for there.

Your mission now, if you choose to accept it, is to follow only joy.  If you can’t find at least an echo of joy in it, why go there?  Isn’t it clear by now you have earned the right to embrace the grace of this wisdom?  With open arms?  Heart wide open?

Breathing in from your abdomen hear the words ‘I follow’.
Breathing out hear ‘only joy’.
Repeat and repeat.





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