Unraveling the Question in the Quest

If each step you took
was a kiss, how romantic
would this earth become?

You can’t forgive that which is not present , but you can move toward the unforgiven.  She hides very well.  She has been doing it for centuries and centuries.  She lives in the kingdom of closets.  You must approach her on tip-toes.  Gently, gently call her out from under the bed.
“Ah, there you are.  So glad to see you.  It’s been a while.  Thank you for coming out.  Thank you for showing up.  I missed you.  I see you.  I embrace you.”
This leads to the disappearance of a universe.

An avatar, like breath, is one that returns again and again and again.  It follows the pattern of a knocking on your door or a tapping on your shoulder, asking you, imploring you to take notice.

We are learning, even when we fall, to fall toward the light.

As time tightens into the moment, we find new abilities, such as lucid dreaming, appear.  Why shouldn’t they when we stop competing with and challenging our own higher nature?  We begin to feel intimately, cell by cell,  the potency of our beingness.

How delightful it is as we begin to realize that what we wanted to be true actually is.  Simultaneously, we experience gratefulness for those who had joined us in the throes of suffering, sharing experience with us, and even sometimes against us, in the tumult of the waking process.  As we know, in the marrow of our bones, all is truly well for all involved.  As we arise out of the illusion of the ashes of our own self-judgement and beliefs.

The forgiveness frequency has a violet hue and responds to calling.

Offered the choice to wear the clothes of a victim, choose to teach the lesson instead.  How innocent out minds become when we extract the grip of the world.  Often the last thing we discover on a quest is its true purpose.

Breathe in while hearing the words ‘All is forgiven’.
Breathe out hearing the word ‘now’.
Repeat and repeat.  (This is especially effective in the middle of holding one’s breath in the middle of remembered fear.  We are always only releasing ourselves.)

End of step 4.




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