Letting Go of What You Do Not Have

First sign that your heart
center is crystallizing,
your mind is confused.

Forgiveness has very little, if anything, to do with giving.  The ‘for’ in the beginning points toward its dynamic activation preceding anything we do or don’t do about the event or situation.  It supersedes the realm of cause and effect.  (The lower mind scratches its head.)

When I asked a higher being, “How do I forgive if I don’t feel like forgiving?” his answer was simply ‘the desire for more joy’.

So, it is not a process but it is a choice.  A choice in the deepest sense.  Perhaps it can best be described as a movement of our energy body, similar in the way it shifts as we move from sleeping to wakefulness.  And the experiences involved become thinner, more dream-like as the energy supporting them runs out.

And because forgiveness is the ultimate repudiation of the sometimes savage power of the lower mind, it opens a door that can never be fully closed.  A portal of unwinding.  And we can only catch a glimpse of the unfolding as we slow down  into the truth of it.  Indeed, the naked truth, undressed of the defensive covering of the 3rd dimension.

Who we are truly forgiving is our self in ‘all’ situations.  If we clean a fear, remove all the dirt and hurt, what remains behind?  Even the densest hells dissolve as the crystalline voice of our  high heart sounds.





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