Strolling Along the Razor’s Edge

Entrance fee to the
New Earth – three golden coins of
constant compassion.

Forgiveness is a frequency.  On it we walk the path of the razor’s edge, indicating the cuts we receive from both others and ourselves when we lose focus on this narrow way of returning love for ourselves to ourselves, and thus others, again and again and again.

Sometimes the cuts are very deep but, remarkably, forgiveness always goes deeper.  It comes from a dimension, when seen through the filter of time, that originates before and is experienced after the events that call it forth.  When heard, its silent music requires our attention above all else.  There is nothing more powerful than the solvent of forgiveness if is contacted and embraced in the middle of the intensity that calls it forth.

It is independent of the actions of others, therefore a discipline of self-mastery.

To not forgive is the equivalent of holding one’s breath, sometimes for a lifetime.  Unforgiveness wrote the law of ‘an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth’,  in its own blood.  Some think their anger or hate goes out into another.  It doesn’t, although it might awake another’s  inner swordsman of anger or hate or jealousy.  That is then only their own ‘holy war’.

Our energy fields are egg-shaped and extend beyond our bodies a short distance, the distance modulating with the flux of thoughts and emotions.  They also spin in a clockwise direction.  Unforgiveness affects the color, tone and rate of spin of these fields.  It does pick up a scent that can be detected by others.  Curioisly, this scent is often attractive to others who carry a similar frequency.

Perfect how what we need to heal shows up as our own experience.  Let us fully ‘see’ ourselves so we don’t judge ourselves and lock ourselves down.  To simply move toward a willingness to forgive is an act of purification.

“A man climbs a wall.  Then he sits across the top and looks out.  Then he climbs down.  Then he climbs another wall, looks out again and again climbs down.  And again.
At the bottom of the wall lies a lake and at the bottom of the lake Love lies.  It can not be drowned but man likes not deep water. ”         an ancient

Disappointment and suffering lead to falling off the wall into water over our heads,  of at last letting go of what we do not have.  Forgiveness is the heart’s experience of learning to swim in those deep waters.

Breathercise –
While breathing in from your abdomen hear the word ‘ALL’.
As you slowly breathe out, hear the words ‘is forgiven’.
Repeat and repeat.

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